Chemical Industry Blocks Attempts to Create Healthier Buildings and Materials

Hot on the heels of several eye-popping reports about how toxic chemicals and industry bought politics are  impacting our health, including the Chicago Tribune’s expose of  how the chemical industry has succeeded in getting toxic flame retardants added to home furnishings in amounts that harm us but do nothing to prevent fires,  indeed making fires more toxic too, from Bill Walsh at the Healthy Building Network comes news of how the chemical industry is blocking efforts to create healthier buildings.

No wonder healthy housing is so hard to find!

Chemical Giants Target the USGBC: Part 1

Bill Walsh
Bill Walsh

By Bill Walsh, Executive Director
Healthy Building Network

May 22, 2012

The credibility of the US chemical industry has taken a beating in the press this month. But instead of apologizing, pledging to reform its ways, or disciplining a “few bad apples,” for being caught lying red handed, the industry has doubled down and launched an all out attack on the US Green Building Council.[1] The focus of the attack – modest amendments to the LEED Rating System, two voluntary credits that address the presence of endocrine-disrupting chemicals and other toxins in LEED-rated buildings.

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2 responses to “Chemical Industry Blocks Attempts to Create Healthier Buildings and Materials

  1. I didn’t know about this going on. Thanks for posting it. I remember watching the Bonnie Hunt Show few years ago and she talked about how a new couch made her and especially her dog violently sick. Along with saying she doesn’t like perfume I think advertisers got her off the air asap.

    • There were some really bad chemicals, I think huge amounts of toxic fungicides being applied to some couches from China a couple of years ago. A lot of people and pets were made very ill, with skin burns, etc., and there may have been deaths involved.

      I remember when people mentioned that Bonnie Hunt had mentioned health harm from fragrances or laundry products on her show.

      There are so many ways the oil/ gas/ petro-chemical industry interferes with regulations and our health… and they have installed governments that allow them to continue to do so despite all the evidence of harm. They are damaging our health and destroying this planet and it’s ability to sustain life.

      We have to educate ourselves and stop buying their manipulatively advertised products and lifestyles.

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