Undisclosed chemicals in fragranced products (new video)

Independent researcher Dr. Anne Steinemann was recently interviewed by Dr. Joseph Mercola about undisclosed toxic chemicals found in laundry products, air fresheners, cleaners, lotions and other (mostly) fragranced consumer products.

She will be testing foods found in supermarkets for fragrance chemicals. Many of us have had to stop buying food from supermarkets etc because they taste like fragrance and cleaning product chemicals.

She also notes that just because a product is “fragrance free”, doesn’t mean it really is, or that it doesn’t contain other harmful chemicals.

Important, worthwhile interview, especially if you don’t know what all the “fragrance-free” fuss is about.

For more info, see Dr. Steinemann’s website

9 responses to “Undisclosed chemicals in fragranced products (new video)

  1. Even worse, some of the health food stores.

  2. Its about time the food gets tested. I have been wondering for quite some time now why this has not been done. Food from a conventional grocery store tastes horribly fragranced and makes me ill.

    • I remember the first time I bit into food that tasted like dryer sheets. That was in 2005. They were organic carrots. No amount of washing them got the chemicals out. Then I thought packaged foods would be “safe”. Nope. Frozen organic blueberries (in a plastic tub) also tasted like laundry products. Then I went to health food stores. Bought food that tasted like incense.
      It’s not easy finding stores that sell healthy food (or toilet paper, which also absorbs all the fragrances) but no chemicals. Farmers markets are good, but many areas have them only seasonally. I have to use an organic delivery service now, but it’s expensive, and choices are limited. At least they are fragrance and pesticide free.

  3. Dr Landrigan from Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center (CEHC) was on tv discussing J&J’s new commitment to phase out some of the most toxic chemicals from their products by 2015.
    Very informative few minutes
    and here’s more on the story
    and here

  4. I hate buying food that winds up tasting like laundry detergent–it seems to happen with any fruits/vegetables, herbs, (even celtic sea salt that I only use for my teeth). that come packaged in stores here, regardless of how local or organic it is sourced. I try to buy all of my food at farmers markets, but those are only once a week, so I’m glad there is testing being done.

    • I’m glad too. I don’t think organic food could remain certifiably organic after sitting in a store that sells products containing toxic chemicals (like anything fragranced).

      Getting used to once an week and even once a month shopping deliveries was difficult at first, but we can learn to plan ahead…

      I’ve had to resort to bulk by the case purchases to get some foods that aren’t fragrance contaminated. Finding pure baking soda is hard too, it seems that even processing facilities have been polluted in recent years.

      The main difficulties with bulk purchases are the financial outlay is upfront, and then extra storage space is required too.

      Fresh produce however, cannot be purchased in bulk, unless you can can it, freeze it or dehydrate it yourself, all of which require some sometimes significant financial outlay at first, space, know-how and physical energy, which many of us who are disabled do not have…

      I dream of the day I can get food and not have to be concerned that it is contaminated by toxic chemicals, but I may need to live on another planet for that to happen… Still, we can make progress here… Farmers Markets are great places to get food from, and there are more of them starting up all the time. Food buying co-ops are another great resource to be involved with.

  5. Darned…. where is that like button?!?!

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