MCS Video compilation from Alison Johnson

Alison Johnson’s film
“Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Short Introduction”

For more information see her website


8 responses to “MCS Video compilation from Alison Johnson

  1. Linda,
    Alison Johnson’s Introduction to MCS was great – thanks for sharing. Your blog/website is amazing – thanks for your hard work.
    A motivational speaker just today asked me to point her to info about MCS for her sister. I think your website will have another guest soon!

  2. Lisbeth Nook Arbour

    Linda, Thank you for posting Alison Johnson’s latest film
    “Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Short Introduction”. This video including representation from a leading Professor of Public Health at Harvard, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will go a long way in validating the reality and range of severity of MCS; of which far too many suffer horribly and have been disgracefully neglected and denied their basic Civil and Human Rights of access to essential life activities, as well as the care they so desperately need for far too long now.

    • Yes. My appreciation to all those who were involved in making the video, and to Alison Johnson in particular, for working so tirelessly on the cause all these years.

  3. Where I work, the company has a “volunteer” fragrance-free policy. What is this good for??? Co-workers do not understand/ or just don’t care.
    My doctor does not believe in MCS. He is not supportive, but still gave me time off to get better, and said : “that’s it after that- just go back to work-”
    It’s awful, and trying hard to keep my head on straight and not let myself fall into depression.The manager thinks that I should wear a mask all day. It’s embarassing and hard to breathe in those masks.
    I hope one day this can be diagnosed. I know I am getting worse now.
    Thank you so much for your work! You are making a difference in this life.

    • Thank you.
      I’m so sorry you are having trouble getting accommodated. Unenforced policies aren’t good for much if people won’t co-operate.
      I wouldn’t be embarrassed about wearing a mask, but if it’s difficult to breathe in it, then it isn’t a reasonable accommodation, especially if it’s meant to help you breathe, sigh…

      If you are in Canada, especially Ontario (I’m not familiar with the Human Rights Codes in other provinces), there’s a duty to accommodate…
      That said, it’s easier with the diagnosis. Ontario, Nova Scotia, and now BC (theirs is getting up and running) have facilities that can diagnose if your own doctor can’t.

      I have some info here on human rights and the Ontario clinic:

      Also, there are diagnostic tools here if your doctor is willing to self-educate a bit:
      Ontario College of Family Physicians Environmental Health Committee Publications

  4. I’ve just updated the video link as I noticed the original was no longer available.
    It’s possible the film itself was also updated in 2016
    (I posted the original in 2012).

  5. Forgot to add her new blog site link there, so I’ll drop it here:

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