Hot Water Bottles

In other words, hot masons!

Non-toxic bedwarmers…

hot masons

If you have spare safe socks, you can drop the jars into socks so that in case you kick them out of bed, the glass would be contained, but I haven’t kicked one out yet! Use the 2 piece lids as they are watertight, you can shake them a bit to make sure there are no leaks when the lids are getting older.

Stay warm!

2 responses to “Hot Water Bottles

  1. Linda, that’s practical and funny and great! I really admire your posts. I especially loved your photo of the dryer vent. Perfect. It’s been 11 and 6 degrees here the past two nights. Have a wonderful — and warm — day!

    • Thank you!

      I took the photo of the masons back in about 2007 or 8 when I not only had the 5 hot masons warming my bed, but had 3 pussies too…
      During difficult times, bad jokes can make things a bit easier to take…

      It’s been brutally cold here (below 0F) and I can’t fall asleep in a cold bed, I’ll toss and turn and not be able to warm up, and I remembered this and thought I’d share it with all the others who don’t tolerate those toxic hot water bottles, or the EMFs from electric blankets.

      I suppose the opposite might be helpful for those suffering oppressive heat, to fill them up with cold water ??? If anyone wants to try this, please let us know if it helped cool you down.

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