Toxic Trespass and Other Images

Simple images with catchy phrases are popular these days. I recently discovered that the photo program on my computer has more features to play with, and my brain is finally capable of a little bit of exploring. Computer graphics is something very different from the manual art I’ve learned and practiced in my life, so my attempts will surely improve over time as I learn more about the technology, as well as recover my visual brain functions and co-ordination.

I thought I’d share some of my early  attempts here. Feel free to download and use in a not for profit way if you find them useful. However, if you want to use them in any money making ways, please discuss it with me first.

good neighbor 2

be a good neighbor

sensitive to pollution 1

1 earth


I’ve been using PhotoScape, a free program. If anyone has any other suggestions for other (hopefully free) photo editing and graphics software, perhaps something with better features, such as more control over the text, I’d love to hear about them. The text feature is really limited in PhotoScape, and it has been challenging to get anything to look semi decent with it. I’d like something where I can change the fonts and font sizes without having to create new text boxes. Any computer graphics tutorial suggestions would also be appreciated.

I’d also appreciate suggestions for free images that I can download to play with. I found some sites that require registration, which I’m not interested in doing for now (unless someone can tell me why it’s a fabulous thing to do, and which site is the best). I’ve been using but it’s a bit limited.

I’m also open to suggestions if people can think of short catchy phrases to use.

Doing something visually creative is sometimes easier than using words or thinking… Art is something I’d like to get back into, and I’m limited to non-toxic formats, ie using the computer. It’s not the same as using my hands and playing with three dimensional materials, but it’s what I have. Hopefully I’ll be able to develop some skills and create  something helpful too!

11 responses to “Toxic Trespass and Other Images

  1. These are great Linda. I work with collage and tiny fables but have wanted to experiment with joining words and images digitally. I will be curious to hear some of the responses you get. Am also interested in where to find copyright free images but too overwhelmed to do much searching myself at the moment. But so happy for you that you are able to get back to doing something you love. Have fun with it and be well!

    • Thank you Trudi!
      I have long wanted to do digital photo collage! I need to learn something about software that can do the kinds of things I see in my mind…
      Hopefully someone who can share some wisdom about these things will comment here!

  2. you’re very talented! nice work Linda

  3. Supercool! So many with MCS are doing computer art type stuff but with brain fog, pain using the computer, no way to take a class, and no wayto buy software, I gave up. These inspire me! Thank you!

  4. Thanks Heather and Livia!
    I enjoy playing around now that I have a bit more brain and energy… These are early efforts, not really knowing what I’m doing, but trying to make the best of what I can figure out…
    It’s easy to practice by using a photo you’ve taken yourself, and adding an inspirational quote to to it.
    There’s enough free stuff available to be able to play with.
    (and there’s no need to save or post the ones that don’t work out)
    I’m not claiming high art here by any means, but it is a non-toxic way to exercise some creativity

  5. Love these! I’m going to pin a couple to pintrest. :)

  6. These are great posts. Keep going….cannot have enough information out there….let’s bombard the public!

    • I’ll keep sharing, but I won’t “bombard”.
      I think it’s the military industrial complex that got us into this mess, turning toxic chemicals used in the war (like Agent Orange) into everyday “weed” KILLERS that harm us all…

      • You’re absolutely right. We have to clean up our language…keep arising the bodhichitta….

        • Yes, I have become very conscious of language, and becoming more so, since being injured and not able to get enough words out of my mouth to say what I mean. It has become more important to choose wisely, when possible/accessible…

          That’s why I also have problems with safer pesticides that still kill, instead of preventing infestations.

          The “us against them” mentality has caused so much grief. We are all in this together.

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