Fragrance: A Barrier to Access

Fragrance a Barrier to Access

Fragrance: A Barrier to Access

When you choose, use and wear products with fragrance, you create chemical barriers to access for people who are disabled when exposed to the toxic chemicals allowed in fragrances.
To be air safe and disability friendly, choose fragrance-free laundry and personal care products, and avoid dryer sheets and fabric softeners.

Not so Equal Access to Health Care in Ontario or Systemic Barriers to Access for People with MCS/ES

3 responses to “Fragrance: A Barrier to Access

  1. Even if the label says “fragrance-free”, this product can be equally dangerous because one cannot smell the toxic chemicals used to create it; they are intentionality hidden with another toxic chemical.

    “Does “unscented” or “fragrance-free” really mean there is no fragrance?
    No. Even products labeled “unscented” or “fragrance-free” may actually contain fragrances used to mask the smell of certain ingredients. Health Canada has specific rules about how companies can use these words on their labels. According to Health Canada’s labeling regulations, “fragrance free” or “unscented” means that there have been no fragrances added to the cosmetic product, or that a masking agent has been added in order to hide the scents from the other ingredients in the cosmetic.”

    • Very true Dianne. Thanks for bringing it up here.

      Many so called fragrance or scent free products do have fragrance chemicals added to hide the smell of other ingredients. Also, just because a product is fragrance or scent free doesn’t mean it’s non-toxic.

      Anne Steinemann will be doing more research on the chemicals in commonly used unscented products that are still debilitating for people with MCS to be exposed to, such as fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Those products, be they fragrance-free or with fragrance cause serious symptoms for so many people.

      If anyone wants to learn more about the many dangers of fragrance chemicals, I have written about them before and have a number of external links and resources about fragrance chemicals in the sidebar, including the one in your comment.

      Going fragrance free is an important step towards a less toxic environment for everyone.

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