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“You Are a Guinea Pig”

We all are!

Three articles that crossed my path today illustrate the challenges we face (trying to stay healthy) while alive. Of course there are more issues, (like fracking, GMOs and processed food) but these three are more than enough to show us that “lifestyle choices” are not enough to keep us healthy.

This article  by David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz is a must read!

You Are a Guinea Pig

How Americans Became Exposed to Biohazards in the Greatest Uncontrolled Experiment Ever Launched

“The culprit behind this silent killer is lead.  And vinyl.  And formaldehyde.  And asbestos.  And Bisphenol A.  And polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).  And thousands more innovations brought to us by the industries that once promised “better living through chemistry,” but instead produced a toxic stew that has made every American a guinea pig and has turned the United States into one grand unnatural experiment.”


“The groups that produce these miracle substances — like the petrochemical, plastics, and rubber industries, including major companies like Exxon, Dow, and Monsanto — argue that, until we can definitively prove the chemical products slowly leaching into our bodies are dangerous, we have no “right,” and they have no obligation, to remove them from our homes and workplaces. The idea that they should prove their products safe before exposing the entire population to them seems to be a foreign concept.”

Please read the whole article, it’s worth it.

guinea pig

But wait, there’s more!!!

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Lawmakers’ Fears Of Losing Chemical Weapon Stock Prices Grow

Great spoof!

Katy's Exposure


(This is a spoof of the Obama administration’s hypocrisy when turning a blind eye to the illnesses caused by chemical usage in the U.S. Holier than thou, they are threatening military action against other governments who have reportedly used chemicals to also sicken their own citizens. Link to April 28th spoofed article from The Hill by Mr. Jeremy Herb, “Lawmakers Fears Of Losing Syrian Chemical Weapons Stockpiles Grow” may be read at this link and again at the end of this Spoof.)

Lawmakers’ Fears Of Losing Chemical Weapon Stock Prices Grow

By Jerry Rigged Herbs – 04/28/13 02:00 PM ET

week they were, no doubt,As the Obama administration weighs responding to the chemical attack by chemical industry giants on the US food supply, lawmakers say their chief concern is the weapons’ stock prices falling while leaving less dollars available to lobby lawmakers.

Lawmakers from both parties say they don’t support that the U.S. boots chemical uses but are warning that the weapons must…

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