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“Sensitive” to Pollution #3

"Sensitive" to Pollution 3

Is there anyone who isn’t “sensitive” to pollution?

Sandra Steingraber: Prepared Sentencing Statement 2013

Sandra Steingraber was arrested while demonstrating against fracking. Sandra is one of my heroines.

“In my field of environmental health, the word trespass has meaning. Toxic trespass refers to involuntary human exposure to a chemical or other pollutant. It is a contamination without consent. It is my belief, as a biologist, that Inergy is guilty of toxic trespass.” …

“In closing, my actions were taken to protest the trespass of Inergy into our air, water, bodies, safety, and security. My small, peaceful act of trespass was intended to prevent a much larger, and possibly violent one.”

Sandra Steingraber: Prepared Sentencing Statement for the Reading Town Court, April 17, 2013.

She has written a lot about the dangers of fracking, as well as other environmental health issues that affect us all. Well worth checking out what she has to say.

I have heard Sandra speak once, after I read her book “Living Downstream” but before “Raising Elijah” was published. In fact, it was very shortly after he was born that she was there. Sandra was in Toronto again just before I left, and a friend (because I was too sick to go) brought me this wonderful gift from her :

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