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Right to Housing hearing over – Court will decide by autumn if the case moves ahead

We need a national housing strategy now!

Thank you to all of you who came for a few hours or a few days to watch the housing & homelessness human rights case unfold. We really appreciated your being there and it was good for the judge to see that people are interested and concerned about the outcome.

Fay Faraday and Peter Rosenthal did a brilliant job on behalf of the applicants and Molly Reynolds, Jackie Esmonde/Martha Jackman and Kent Roach/Cheryl Milne were all outstanding on behalf of the interveners. We just finished the 3 days of argument and it’s not clear which way the decision will go. Justice Lederer does not expect to have a decision until next fall.

There was a good article in the Toronto Star about the motion:

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Fragrances in Pesticides?

And pesticides in fragrances…

We live in a messed up world.

 Signs > DANGER (OSHA) > Chemical & Pesticide

I am thinking that adding fragrance chemicals to  ‘CIDEs  makes people think they are not the hazardous killing poisons that they really are, and making them smell better can make them more attractive and harmful to children!

Note that some of the fragrance chemicals might be MORE harmful than the pesticides themselves, as if pesticides weren’t already harmful enough, but those don’t have to be listed, because they are considered “inert ingredients“.

Benzene, for example… It’s a legal fragrance ingredient…


Can someone explain this to me? How is all this a good idea?

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Who Needs A Healthy Home?

We All Do! But for Children and People With MCS/ES, it is Crucial!

Healthy Homes and Healthy Environments Sustain Life

Love is always a good thing too!

So, what’s the problem? Check out this great short video:

A Wake-Up Story

See some great tips for creating healthy housing here:

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Over 500 Global Scientists Sound New Alarm

Global colony collapse is really happening. Sitting back and ignoring it, wishing it would just resolve on its own, or thinking someone else is going to fix things is no longer an option.

We ALL have to take this seriously and show some love now if future generations are going to have any hope of anything resembling a decent quality of life.

“We must work hard to solve these global problems, starting today.”

Global scientists sign message of Scientific Consensus on Maintaining  Humanity’s Life Support Systems in the 21st Century:
Information for Policy Makers

Consensus Statement Illustration

As members of the scientific community actively involved in assessing the biological and societal impacts on global change,

we are sounding this alarm to the world.

For humanity’s continued health and prosperity, we all –individuals, businesses, political leaders, religious leaders, scientists, and people in every walk of life –must work hard to solve these five global problems starting today:

1) Climate Disruption        
2) Extinctions        
3) Loss of Ecosystem Diversity        
4) Pollution        
5) Human Population Growth and Resource Consumption

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MCS/ES Symptoms and Environmental Incitants

sensitive to pollution 3

I am copying a couple of pages and charts here, of the materials most likely to cause symptoms from exposures and some of the typical symptoms people experience, as well as linking to resources.

With the increase in pipeline “accidents” and fracking, we are seeing many more people exposed to high amounts of petroleum and byproducts, which can cause MCS/ES in addition to other types of chemical injury and chronic illness.

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Canadian Human Rights Documents Archived

The Government here has been re-organizing and changing all of their web pages lately and some types of information seem to be disappearing.


The policy on accommodating people with MCS/ES is no longer available on the website. This is what used to be there (2007-2013):

Policy on Environmental Sensitivities

This policy is issued to encourage employers and service providers to proactively address issues of accommodation for persons with environmental sensitivities.

Policy on Environmental Sensitivities

Individuals with environmental sensitivities experience a variety of adverse reactions to environmental agents at concentrations well below those that might affect the “average person”. This medical condition is a disability and those living with environmental sensitivities  are entitled to the protection of the Canadian Human Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. The Canadian Human Rights Commission will receive any inquiry and process any complaint from any person who believes that he or she has been discriminated against because of an environmental sensitivity. Like others with a disability, those with environmental sensitivities are required by law to be accommodated.

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Sand, Tar, Oil, Gas, Frack, Health, Life, Fail ?


This is not only an environmental crisis, although that is bad enough since we all depend on clean air and water for basic survival, this is also a health and human crisis.

The quest for and extraction of fossil fuels has reached a level that is threatening us all.

Reality Check: Canada’s Oil Sands

“Each fact included in Oil Sands Reality check is carefully researched, referenced and reviewed by a scientific advisory committee. This website was created as a resource for citizens, media, investors and decision makers who wish to participate in a more informed debate about the impacts of oil sands development.” and


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