Sand, Tar, Oil, Gas, Frack, Health, Life, Fail ?


This is not only an environmental crisis, although that is bad enough since we all depend on clean air and water for basic survival, this is also a health and human crisis.

The quest for and extraction of fossil fuels has reached a level that is threatening us all.

Reality Check: Canada’s Oil Sands

“Each fact included in Oil Sands Reality check is carefully researched, referenced and reviewed by a scientific advisory committee. This website was created as a resource for citizens, media, investors and decision makers who wish to participate in a more informed debate about the impacts of oil sands development.” and


“In 2008, Alberta Health confirmed a 30 per cent rise of cancer rates between 1995 – 2006 in Fort Chipewyan, a community 200 kilometres downstream from Fort MacMurray: Alberta Cancer Board (2009). Cancer Incidence in Fort Chipewyan, Alberta 1995-2006. Government of Alberta.”

“After years of denial, the government of Alberta finally announced in 2013 that an independent study would be conducted in the future. The terms of reference were so inadequate that some First Nations have refused to participate.

Elizabeth Kolbert in New Yorker

Average 250 Pipeline Accidents Each Year, Billions Spent on Property Damage

Independent Air Test at Mayflower Oil Spill Reveal 30 Toxic Chemicals at High Levels

Health Symptoms Persist Despite Denials from Exxon and Agencies

Little Rock–A citizen based organization responding the recent Exxon Pegasus Pipeline rupture and tar sands oil spill discovered over twenty-five toxic chemicals in the first ambient air sample collected on March 30.

Community leader, April Lane, has been collecting health reports from residents since the pipeline rupture on March 29. Lane relayed that “even four weeks later, residents are still feeling symptoms from the chemical exposure.

People have consistently talked about gastrointestinal problems, headaches, respiratory problems, skin irritation including chemical burns, and extreme fatigue.” These symptoms are consistent with exposure to the chemicals found in the independent air testing.

Alberta and oil trespass

Crude Awakening

“Alberta’s had an average of two crude oil spills a day, every day for the past 37 years.”

“That makes 28,666 crude oil spills in total, plus another 31,453 spills of just about any other substance you can think of putting in a pipeline – from salt water to liquid petroleum.”

But maybe more telling is what it doesn’t include:

“The regulatory body’s database is messy and missing data in many places; it doesn’t include any spills from some of the biggest pipelines – those crossing provincial or national borders. These fall under National Energy Board jurisdiction.

For the 53 per cent of spills from somewhere other than a pipeline, such as oil wells and pumping stations, anything under 2 cubic metres (2,000 litres, or about twelve and a half barrels) doesn’t get counted.”

Over 150 clergy from diverse faith traditions and regions have signed a letter to President Obama urging him to reject the Keystone XL oil pipeline on moral grounds.

Over 150 clergy from diverse faith traditions and regions have signed a letter to President Obama urging him to reject the Keystone XL oil pipeline on moral grounds.

“The letter, published as a full page ad in Politico, reminds the president of his words in the Inauguration, stating: “As people of faith, we share your conviction that ‘we are commanded by God to care for our planet’ and that the ‘failure to respond to the threat of climate change would betray our children and future generations.’”

Read more on Interfaith Power & Light’s website:

What about fracking?

This funky song describes the process but still leaves the impression that it might be possible to frack safely.

Most independent researchers have come to the conclusion that it is simply not possible to frack without causing major harm to life and future generations.

The Whole Fracking Enchilada

Violating the bedrock, the atmosphere, and everything in between

by Sandra Steingraber

…”THE ENVIRONMENTAL CRISIS can be viewed as a tree with two trunks. One trunk represents what we are doing to the planet through atmospheric accumulation of heat-trapping gasses. Follow this trunk along and you find droughts, floods, acidification of oceans, dissolving coral reefs, and species extinctions.

The other trunk represents what we are doing to ourselves and other animals through the chemical adulteration of the planet with inherently toxic synthetic pollutants. Follow this trunk along and you find asthma, infertility, cancer, and male fish in the Potomac River whose testicles have eggs inside them.

At the base of both these trunks is an economic dependency on fossil fuels”…

More message with music


by Josh Fox and the GASLAND Team


Check out the PINK LINKS Resources

In Gasland sequel, fracking saga’s pressure ratchets up

“Gasland 2” Grassroots Premiere in Illinois Highlights Industry PSYOPS and Ongoing Fracking Fights

Science Lags as Health Problems Emerge Near Gas Fields

“Residents’ most common complaints are respiratory infections, headaches, neurological impairment, nausea and skin rashes. More rarely, they have reported more serious effects, from miscarriages and tumors to benzene poisoning and cancer.”

Susan Babb propublica

“In 2006, she moved to Winnsboro, Texas, a small town two hours east of Dallas. For three years her symptoms gradually improved, until she could work in her garden and go about her normal daily routine. Then, early last year, Exxon launched a project in an old oil field 14 miles away and began fracking wells to get them to produce more oil. Within months, Wallace-Babb’s symptoms returned. Again, she wears a respirator to visit the grocery store. Again, she is looking to move.”

Environmental Refugees

 “The Refugees of the Blue Planet”

The degradation of the environment is driving rural populations from their way of life. Whether they flee the sinking island of Maldives, the eucalyptus plantations of Brazil or oil wells in Alberta, environmental refugees are growing in number and often have no legal status. (2007)


(Some of the refugees from Alberta had developed MCS/ES from the gas wells)

“If it is wrong to wreck the climate, then it is wrong to profit from that wreckage. We believe that educational and religious institutions, city and state governments, and other institutions that serve the public good should divest from fossil fuels.”


What amount of money is worth inflicting this kind of destruction on life and the things that support life?

MCS/ES/EHS  Refugees are not counted in any statistics, but millions of others are

MCS/ES/EHS Refugees are not counted in any statistics, but millions of others are

Download this global estimates map PDF in English

It’s not just heat and transportation.

(with random hi-lights)


Diesel fuel

Motor Oil

Bearing Grease


Floor Wax

Ballpoint Pens

Football Cleats





Bicycle Tires

Sports Car Bodies

Nail Polish

Fishing lures



Golf Bags



Dishwasher parts

Tool Boxes

Shoe Polish

Motorcycle Helmet


Petroleum Jelly

Transparent Tape

CD Player

Faucet Washers




Food Preservatives



Vitamin Capsules










Panty Hose



Life Jackets

Rubbing Alcohol



TV Cabinets

Shag Rugs

Electrician’s Tape

Tool Racks

Car Battery Cases





Insect Repellent

Oil Filters




Hair Coloring


Toilet Seats

Fishing Rods


Denture Adhesive


Ice Cube Trays

Synthetic Rubber


Plastic Wood

Electric Blankets


Tennis Rackets

Rubber Cement

Fishing Boots


Nylon Rope


Trash Bags

House Paint

Water Pipes

Hand Lotion

Roller Skates

Surf Boards



Paint Rollers

Shower Curtains

Guitar Strings



Safety Glasses


Football Helmets





Ice Chests



CD’s & DVD’s

Paint Brushes




Sun Glasses


Heart Valves









Artificial Turf

Artificial limbs



Model Cars

Folding Doors

Hair Curlers

Cold cream

Movie film

Soft Contact lenses

Drinking Cups

Fan Belts

Car Enamel

Shaving Cream



Golf Balls




and a few more surprises here:

It might not be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that so many things are designed to be obsolete in no time and/or disposeable, and that the value of everything has been lost.

We need to change the way we use toxic, non-renewable resources. The oil, gas, petro-chemical and pharmaceutical industry will not rest until it has destroyed the earth and all life on it, just so they can accumulate a lot of so-called dollars, (which aren’t even anything real, they are just a human construct that they are willing to kill for) unless we stop them.

We humans can and must do better!

No Planet B

Just because those who are destroying the planet and our source of life don’t care, doesn’t mean we should stop caring and play dead before our time.

What if we  Occupy LOVE and live as if we really matter?

love is the bridge that makes things possible

What if we live every moment as if life really matters?



Get involved!

Eradicating Ecocide

What you can do


We can make a difference! You know you want to!


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  1. German brewers are worried that fracking, the process of extracting natural gas from underground shale deposits, will jeopardize the quality of their beer by contaminating the water supply and have asked their government to hold off on passing the fracking regulations it has been drafting for months.

    The German brewers say that fracking would violate the 500-year-old “purity law” (known as Reinheitsgebot) that has guaranteed that German beer is made with nothing but water, hops, malt and yeast.

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