Fragrance-Free Door Signs

Many of us who have MCS/ES find answering the door can be hazardous to our health because frequently those on the other side of the door are marinating in toxic fragrance chemicals.

Sometimes a simple sign like this will do.

No Fragrance

Other times it is not enough and we need to provide more information.

I have placed more detailed signs on my doors that help, although there are some who think the signs apply to everyone except themselves. I still point at the sign through the closed door, and point to the person on the other side, and sometimes they still don’t get it and subject me to a face full of chemicals, requiring hours to days of recovery time. However, most people DO get it, and will step back or do as asked in order not to injure me.

I have Word templates here for two different signs that you can download and customize with whatever wording you like and need.

One I use on my door, the other I carry with me, so in case I am unable to speak I might still be able to pull it out of the side pocket of my back-pack.

for medical reasons DO NOT APPROACH

for medical reasons

Download the document: sign FORMEDICALREASONSdonotapproach

STOP  This is a chemical-free area

This is a chemical-free area

Download the document: sign STOPSIGN

The sign with the stop sign is something I modified from one that was originally shared by Kathleen Houghton in an online group many, many years ago.

I think the next time I am able to get something printed, I will add something like
Please step far back from the door, or I cannot open it“,
Please turn off your cell-phones or other wireless devices“.

11 responses to “Fragrance-Free Door Signs

  1. Thanks for posting the signs. I would like to send them to the hospital that held me captive a year ago.

    • Hi Nancy,
      People have used variations of these signs for hospital rooms too!
      There is more info for how hospitals can accommodate us safely here:

    • Thank you Nancy for your post! It is sooo true about hospitals (all staff especially the nurses & doctors are the worst). We have to ask every time we go to the E.R or admitted to hospital for a nurse who does not have perfume or scented products & are told nearly every time that their are none working today. So they have to slip my daughters pills to me through the door for me to give to my daughter (my daughter who has a fatal motor neuron disease ( ALS) has to go to the Emergency Department or is admitted often). She also SUFFERS from SEVERE migraines & scented products are a huge trigger as well as chemicals.
      I also have asthma & scented products are a Big trigger for asthma attacks & I had three strokes last December & taking my asthma medication for an attack is not an option for me because it raises my blood pressure & puts me at risk for another stroke.
      I am my daughters caregiver along with taking care of my 96 y.o mother. What will we do if I have another stroke? Sorry for the long post.
      P.S – I have been a nurse since 1980 & we would have been written up then fired if we wore any type of scented products.
      Patients are sick & the last thing sick people want to smell is a nurse or someone with chemicals/perfume/dryer sheet scented clothes!!!!

  2. Very useful. Thank you.

  3. There was a sign on my door when I was in the hospital, but it went unnoticed. I didn’t need the sickness from fragrance exposures on top of the problems for which I was in the hospital.

  4. i am amazed that anyone with MCS is able to print this out in their home, as it is far too toxic for me. never the less i need the signs, and would like to order them if they come printed already, and suggestions anyone ??

    • I had someone else print some for me and put them in a clear folder which I then taped to the front door.

      I need a new one too, as the old one has faded and I seem to have run out of extras.

      I think you can get things printed at places like Staples/Business Depot if you email them a file, maybe they can even mail the printed sign to you?

      I have to hang all mail and papers on a line outside before I can bring them in, this would be no different.

  5. Thanks for recognizing the risks. These alerts should also be posted at hotels and motels. Hospital and Hotel management must stress to all of their staff members that this is a major problem to some people. And, you are right a lot of people are unaware that they are polluting the air not only to those who suffer from this condition, but to themselves. Our children should be protected as well. PLEASE KEEP THE PUBLIC AWARE. Sheila

  6. Thank you! My usual asthma and migraine reactions have, after repeated exposure by colleagues who don’t believe me, into anaphylaxis. After two ER visits in three days, these signs will help so much when I venture out with my Respro mask. Thank you, thank you!

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