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Former President of Microsoft Canada On Wi-Fi

I just listened to an eye-opening radio interview with the former President of Microsoft Canada. A couple of women with EHS were also interviewed.

Andy Oudman (1290 AM CJBK, London ON) and Pam Killeen interview Frank Clegg, former president of Microsoft Canada and head of Citizens 4 Safe Technology ( They speak about the potential hazards associated with WiFi technology

Please listen to the program and take precautions for your own health:

Ways to Reduce EMR Exposure

Ways to Reduce EMR Exposure


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No Fun in the Sun With Summer VOCs

Imagine being shut in, without air conditioning, without being able to open the windows to refresh the air, because the outdoor air is so full of VOCs as to be totally disabling

For some of us, this is a somewhat usual occurrence anyway, due to the prevalence of toxic laundry products blowing out of dryer vents everywhere, but during summer, things can get so much worse!

The heat makes many chemicals more volatile, and where do they off-gas? Why, into the air we breathe…

Mario Rosales Ramírez "Ponle un Alto al Calentamiento Global"

Mario Rosales Ramírez
“Ponle un Alto
al Calentamiento Global”

Here are just some of the things that affect summer air quality:

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Alberta enforcing fewer than one per cent of oilsands environmental violations: Report

If we want anything protected (including our air, water, food and health) it seems we can’t expect much help from the government.
Why are they protecting industry profits instead of our right to life?

Global News

Alberta’s enforcing fewer than one per cent of potential environmental violations in its oilsands region, according to a new report from independent researchers, published Tuesday.

Environmental groups Treeline Ecological Research and Global Forest Watch Canada examined records of thousands of environmental incidents associated with a set of oilsands projects from the  Environment and Sustainable Resource Development ministry.

The (often incomplete) records indicate that there were over 4,000 “alleged contraventions” – possible violations of environmental regulations that have not been proven in court – in that area since 1996.

According to enforcement reports, in that same time period the ministry took 37 actions to enforce those regulations.

This means, the authors say, that only 0.9 per cent of violations are subject to any kind of enforcement, which could include fines, prosecution and warning letters.

Alberta Environment couldn’t tell Global News what percentage of incidents result in government orders or prosecutions. But…

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How to Get Toxic Products Out of Stores

Would you like stores to stop selling everyday things that are full of harmful toxic chemicals?

What if you could feel better not only because you could be assured that the things you brought home were safe and healthy, but also because they were no longer full of the harmful chemicals that have been making you feel like crap?

In the absence of (and obstruction of) health protective regulations, we need to find other ways to get the changes happening that will allow ourselves and our grandchildren to live healthier lives.

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Choosing Foods: It’s About More Than The Calories

Here’s a great video and link to learn about what 200 Calories of food looks like.

What you get out of those 200 Calories varies greatly.

Unless you are eating organic, you will also be eating GMOs and pesticides. Here’s a good guide to get you eating healthier

Video: Secret Toxic Chemicals From the SC Johnson Family to Yours

GREAT spoofed commercial here! Telling it how it is!

Secret Toxic Chemicals: From the SC Johnson Family to Yours

For more info and action you can take:
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Accessible Parking and Invisible Disabilities

Not all disabilities are visible!

accessible parking 1

Yes there are a few selfish people out there who abuse any privilege or opportunity they can, but they are in the minority. Most people who look “normal” and use accessible permits have a proven, legitimate, legal, medical, human right to do so.


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