Accessible Parking and Invisible Disabilities

Not all disabilities are visible!

accessible parking 1

Yes there are a few selfish people out there who abuse any privilege or opportunity they can, but they are in the minority. Most people who look “normal” and use accessible permits have a proven, legitimate, legal, medical, human right to do so.


Don’t Judge by Appearances – Accessible parking rights & needs for people with invisible disabilities.

Who’s eligible for an accessible parking permit? (Ontario)

Reciprocal Recognition of Parking Badges (International)

In 1978, the ECMT Council of Ministers agreed that all Member Countries of the ECMT would grant the same parking concessions to people with disabilities as they offered their own nationals. These concessions usually allowed special parking in areas reserved for people with disabilities, or allowed longer parking periods or exemptions from charges.


To facilitate the implementation of these decisions the following information is provided to help people visiting the various countries understand the local rules. At present different badges are used and where this information is available these badges are shown.

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