Video: Secret Toxic Chemicals From the SC Johnson Family to Yours

GREAT spoofed commercial here! Telling it how it is!

Secret Toxic Chemicals: From the SC Johnson Family to Yours

For more info and action you can take:

Another great project by Women’s Voices for the Earth

I love that WVE has done this. I have wondered for years how the SC Johnson Family can promote themselves as a family company and say things like this:

“We understand family, because we are family. Not a squabbling-in-the-backseat kind of family. (Well, not usually.) But a glad-we’re-in-this-together kind of family. So we understand the joys and strains you feel every day. Dig in and discover tips to help any family, and special ways to celebrate yours.”

and this:

“It’s not a fad or a phase. It’s been our family way since 1886. From the ingredients in our products, to the way we run our factories, we’re committed to working every day to do what’s right for people, the planet and generations to come.”

when they sell products that can harm our health and chronically disable so many of us!

If a company has nothing to hide, then why isn’t everything on the label?

Their “fragrance palette” site is so user unfriendly as to make it almost useless.

How do we know what's making us sick if we don't know the ingredients?

How do we know what’s making us sick and how to manage our health if we don’t know the ingredients?

For an idea of what might be in any fragranced product you buy, check out

Fragrance Ingredients

You can also search this site (and the rest of the big wide web) for other posts and links dealing with fragrance for more on what some of the many problems are.

Until there is full disclosure on products so people can make informed choices, going fragrance-free is best for everyone’s health.

Please do check out  Women’s Voices for the Earth to see how you can make a difference.

4 responses to “Video: Secret Toxic Chemicals From the SC Johnson Family to Yours

  1. Love this post. Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks! I was thrilled to see they did this!
      WVE are doing some really good work. They are also a great group to support whenever we have a few dollars to spare… and, to sign on to any petitions they create. They are having an effect with our participation!

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