How to Get Toxic Products Out of Stores

Would you like stores to stop selling everyday things that are full of harmful toxic chemicals?

What if you could feel better not only because you could be assured that the things you brought home were safe and healthy, but also because they were no longer full of the harmful chemicals that have been making you feel like crap?

In the absence of (and obstruction of) health protective regulations, we need to find other ways to get the changes happening that will allow ourselves and our grandchildren to live healthier lives.

I am tired of having almost everything available (and the people who buy and use them) be too toxic to allow into my home. There are many basic essential products and materials I do without, because they contain too many harmful toxic chemicals, chemicals which not only disable me and others with MCS/ES, but also cause injury and health problems in the unborn, children and others.

I introduced this initiative here: Ask Major Retailers to Eliminate the Toxic 100+

The Mind the Store update, along with some great new resources, is here:

Will you plan a Retailer Rendezvous?

Please get involved. Talk with the people you buy your foods, clothes and other things from. Let them know you want safe, healthy products and materials.

The Toxic 100 list and a toolkit for how to talk with store owners is at the link.

They will respond if they know it will keep them in business while also feeling better about what they do.

mind the store

Together we CAN stop the assault on our health and the environment we all depend on for life.

4 responses to “How to Get Toxic Products Out of Stores

  1. There is absolutely no need to sell products that contain toxic chemicals. It contributes to various cancers, neurological diseases, asthma, and an array of other health concerns. Death happens to be one of those concerns, as many people use toxic products without the knowledge of the health risks involved. Soon, a documentary will be airing on HBO called The World of Fragrance. More people will learn the truth, and eventually more people will be demaning safer products, or start shopping elsewhere.

    • I totally agree!
      There is no need for everyday products and materials to be toxic and harmful to our health and the environment (which are so interconnected)!

  2. Thanks so much for this great post! I hope lots of folks will plan Retailer Rendezvous, they are easy and effective!

    • We can also make our voices heard by phoning them whenever we end up with anything too toxic to use, and also returning things when they are toxic. The more they hear from us, the sooner things will change.

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