Choosing Foods: It’s About More Than The Calories

Here’s a great video and link to learn about what 200 Calories of food looks like.

What you get out of those 200 Calories varies greatly.

Unless you are eating organic, you will also be eating GMOs and pesticides. Here’s a good guide to get you eating healthier

4 responses to “Choosing Foods: It’s About More Than The Calories

  1. Can I please have more information on the “easy steps to eating safe and healthy food “? Is it a book ? if so who is the author, if not a book could I have the link for more info please?

  2. It is all about the quality of the produce that you eat. If you fuel yourself with quality then you can expect to see quality results :)

    • I agree!

      I suppose it also depends on how we define ‘quality’.
      Some people will argue about which cheesies, chips, hot dogs or donuts are of better quality!!!

      I define it as organic, unprocessed food, grown and prepared with lots of love.

      How can you go wrong with that kind of nourishment?

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