Human Rights, Property Rights and the Environment

Toxic Chemical Trespass

Human Rights and the Environment No More Toxic Chemical Trespass

Human Rights and the Environment
No More Toxic Chemical Trespass

Forgive us our (chemical) trespasses
By Carolyn Raffensperger
This is not a trespass in the property sense. It is a violation of our shared rights to a clean and healthy environment. Forgive us for destroying the Earth, our bodies, our communities, each other.


and this

What is done to the planet, is done to us…

Do We Not Have the Right to a Healthy Environment?

In Brazil, they now have the right to a healthy environment!

Learn more about Human Rights and the Environment here:

The course looks at specific human rights norms such as the rights

  • to security of person
  • to health
  • to inviolability of the home
  • to a safe workplace
  • to a healthy environment
  • the right of mothers and children to special consideration,
  • and others

There is a wealth of material available at the course link.


Eradicating Ecocide
Draft Ecocide Act

Beyond Toxics

Free Webinar on Environmental Law and Global Governance

A healthy environment should be a basic human right

Stories of Chemical Trespass

Property Rights and Banning Pesticides
From Environment Hamilton Newsletter/ Oct 2007

Saying No to Chemical Trespass

Chemical Trespass

Sandra Steingraber describing Toxic Trespass with Audio

Human Health and Ecological Integrity
Ethics, Law and Human Rights
Edited by Laura Westra, Colin L. Soskolne, Donald W. Spady
(you can actually view this book online – I haven’t read it, but hope to someday)

Property Rights in the Defence of Nature
(complete book available to read here)

Canadian environmental law: Quick Intro
Under Canada’s constitution, environmental regulation is shared between the federal government and the 10 provinces / 3 territories, (referred to collectively as “provinces”). Where there is a direct conflict between federal and provincial environmental statutes in relation to the same matter, federal law prevails, but such conflicts are rare, and overlapping requirements are common. Municipalities also play a growing role.

Tamaqua Borough Chemical Trespass Ordinance

The Wingspread Statement on the Precautionary Principle

I wish I had encountered this subject before MCS/ES and my brain injury, when I could devour books and learn easily… I have not been able to read and explore these things in any depth like I would love to be able to, so I am “parking” these resources here in order to be able to refer to them and deepen my understanding as I am able. Therefore I am not sure which laws we need to strengthen, or in which ways. There seem to be some really silly academic distinctions when using property rights laws for chemical trespass, although there have been some successes. I do believe that Ecocide has to become a global law, and that something needs to be done to stop others from being allowed to pollute our brains and bodies, especially without our consent…

no more toxic chemical trespass

We need to have the right to breathe clean, safe, non-toxic air, to drink clean, safe, non-toxic water, to eat healthy, safe, non-toxic foods, and live in healthy, safe, non-toxic shelters. Safe, non-toxic, chemical-free clothing wouldn’t hurt us either!

Easy actions… Please sign the petition here:

and the letter from women here:

If anyone has any wisdom on what else we can do, please share!

Human Rights and the Environment

2 responses to “Human Rights, Property Rights and the Environment

  1. Linda thanks for the lead, am reproducing the article on Lawyers Alert blog….so incisive

    • Great!
      If you come up with some ideas on how to move these ideas forward for the average person, please share!
      Although, if the right to pollute was removed, the average person wouldn’t have to be worried about this, not at home, not at the pharmacy, not at the supermarket, not anywhere except at strictly controlled sites that had mechanisms in place to protect the environment and all living beings from any possible adverse effects of the processes…
      This issue really needs to be addressed somehow.
      I haven’t met one person yet who has authorized anyone to use their body as a toxic waste site!
      There’s an old saying about a persons right to swing a fist ends at the next person’s nose. I’m not sure if that made it into the legal texts in any enforceable way beyond what has been described in these links I shared?
      And then there’s the issue of who is making laws, and who are they designed to protect (especially when corporations can be made to have the same rights as people, with none of the responsibilities)…
      Today I feel a bit over-whelmed and under-represented.

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