“Homesick” Update … MCS/ES Safe Housing

Here’s the new trailer for the film Homesick!

I am really looking forward to seeing this important film. So many of us are in need of safe, non-toxic housing in areas with clean, non-toxic outdoor air. When we are unable to function “as designed” in “normal” or moldy housing or when neighbors do things like use pesticides, conventional laundry products, smoke and burn things, or when there are wireless devices nearby, because of the disabling effects these harmful and toxic pollutants have on us, then safe housing can make such a great difference, allowing us to be more fully human again…

From Dual Power Productions: “Homesick was originally filmed in 1995. Director Susan Abod was so sick that she couldn’t finish the film. In 2011, we came on board to help. We’re excited to bring Homesick to you on September 15, a film that is even more relevant now than when it started in ’95.”


“Imagine your house is making you dangerously sick. Common products like paint, carpeting, new building materials and insecticides are now your worst enemies. Your bones ache, you’re feverish, you suffer from extreme headaches, disabling fatigue, mental confusion, asthma and nausea. The longer you stay in your house, the sicker you get but you can’t imagine how or where you’re going to find a safe home. You are one of the millions suffering from the silent epidemic of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS).

In Homesick, Susan Abod hits the road to learn whether other people with MCS are finding safe housing. On her journey to the Southwestern United States, Susan meets people from all walks of life. Their living quarters range from a house on stilts to tents and a teepee.

Join Susan as she explores a little known world and discovers how people are coping with this growing epidemic.”

More MCS Housing Resources:


MCS Housing

You Can Help Provide Medically Required Safe Housing!

ASEQ-EHAQ Fundraising campaign 2012-2015: 1 Million Bricks

Cedar Rock

Cedar Rock is a proposed “healthy organic progressive ecological/ergonomic” community development project, that is intended to be a joint partnership between both the B.C. and the Federal governments, business, industry, accredited educational/ research institutions, and individuals interested in self-sufficient, sustainable non-toxic living environments.

Goals & Objectives

• Provide programs that are affiliated with accredited universities, colleges, and other educational institutions that promote health, healing, acceptance, and quality of life for aging individuals with MCS and other environmentally induced health conditions; …

EHS Sanctuaries

Project SafeHouse
for people who suffer health problems caused by living too close to industrial wind turbines

“Housing as a Medical Necessity” 


…”For people living with extreme environmental sensitivities, having appropriate, “healthy” housing can mean the difference between being able to live an independent, full life, and being totally disabled.”…


From CERA:  Environmental Sensitivities and Housing

Resources for property managers and others (many of these apply to single family dwellings too):

“Creating Healthy Apartments: What You Need to Know” pamphlet. English French Arabic Chinese Punjabi Russian Spanish Tamil Urdu

Creating Healthy Housing: Guidelines for Multi-Unit Housing Providers. English French

Creating Healthy Multi-Unit Housing: A Resource Guide. PDF

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has a wide range of online resources related to healthy housing and indoor air quality:

For more, please visit CERA’s website.

And please, if it is within your means, support the creation and building of safe sanctuaries around the world for those of us who who can no longer be active community members in environments that do not limit industrial and personal pollutants.


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  1. Now available online to rent or download,
    DVDs coming soon!

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