Kim Palmer Was Allergic To the 20th Century

Kim was an award winning singer/songwriter/keyboardist originally from Toronto, Canada. She passed away October 23, 2006 after a long struggle with MCS, which developed after a gas leak and pesticide poisoning, among other things that she was exposed to during a short period of time.

She may have left us physically, but her music is still with us.

porcelain trailer

The following song is from her album titled “songs from a porcelain trailer”:

I remembered that I had heard more about her circumstances than what is up on her website, and I found this in my emails:

The Passing of Kim Palmer

From the TCSB #62 (MCS/E.I. bulletin)

Kim lived up on a remote bluff near Sedona with her friend, Axel, who cared
for her for 13 of the 25 years that she struggled with Environmental
I drove up there to meet them about two and a half years ago. Kim was a
talented musician, and she, Axel and I talked a long time about music, MCS,
and life in general. Kim gave me a copy of her latest CD, a compilation of
original pop songs, full of life, energy, and melody.
Axel tells me Kim had always been an active person but that once she got
sick she became frail and was never again able to buoy up her reserves of
energy. Kim was severely chemically sensitive, but until May, 2004, she
did not have any EMF sensitivities. However, in May of that year she had
some medical tests, a mammogram and an ultrasound in the same day. She
used a crystal, during the procedures because she felt they would help
dissipate the energies. She later realized that the crystal might have
been a mistake and may have concentrated the energies instead, because she
became EMF sensitive right after these tests.
Despite this new setback, Kim continued the renovation of her mobile home,
involving a lot of research and physical effort. It may have been too much
for. Perhaps it was the materials she was working with, or the new EMF
sensitivity. In any case, her system was breaking down. Although she had
had difficulty going anywhere for a long time, at this point she was
basically homebound.
Kim tried to jump-start her failing health using a regimen she believed in,
but she was very sick. Kim had a long fight, and these efforts took her up
to September, 2006. At this point her body seemed to shut down and Axel
says he could see her wasting away by the day, whether she ate or not.
Body pain became severe. Although Kim was always a life-affirming person
who never understood why anyone would want to die, at this point she
actually felt that she wanted to die. The end came within a month.
On October 5th, her electrolytes crashed and she was taken by ambulance to
the ER, where she revived. On the 10th she thought the same thing was
happening. Axel drove her to the ER but her electrolytes tested fine.
Once back home, Axel says she was able to walk alone from the car to the
trailer. Then she fell apart and never recovered.
Kim passed away late Monday night, October 23, 2006 (officially, early
Tuesday morning, October 24th). I have no further details.

♥ ♥ ♥

Please visit  and if you take the time to listen to her music, you won’t be disappointed.

And please, do what you can to eliminate everyday products with toxic chemicals from your life, and from being manufactured and sold.

Do what you can to reduce the use of wireless technologies and excessive EMF/EMR in daily life.

Those actions can prevent more people from developing disabling and life threatening MCS/ES.

Please also do what you can to encourage, support and fund safe housing, shelters, health care and communities for people with MCS/ES.

It is possible to prevent severe MCS/ES and for some people, to even recover from it, but safe (exposure free) environments and proper nutritional supports are required, often along with financial support and other assistance from community.

Be a friend, be community.

Note: This post was updated on Jan. 20th, 2017. Previous links were removed and replaced with the link to the facebook page (see comment below as to why).

4 responses to “Kim Palmer Was Allergic To the 20th Century

  1. Ive been telling people Im ‘allergic to this culture’ and more recently Im ‘allergic to electricity’. This book I read many years ago is not about EHS, but is a work of deep earth connection and realizations that we all need.

  2. Reblogged this on Life in the City with a Future and commented:
    Day #10 of May is MCS Awareness Month. I have at times been treated as if I was overreacting to exposures that I had to endure. This post may help some understand the seriousness of MCS. And why you should give up the use of “fragrances” and pesticides and other toxic chemicals. Please read Linda’s story as well.

  3. Linda, this note is to update the Kim Palmer links above. has been hijacked and is now a Paleo Diet website, and the 2nd link which goes to an Angelfire hosted website still has her music, but the website is hacked, and each click on her pages opens a new browser page with questionable content. Good links are a Facebook page maintained by her friend Les Moore Mr Moore recently posted links for 4 of her albums for free download and streaming, including “Songs from A Porcelain Trailer”.
    Thanks for helping to keep her memory and music alive.

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