Eating Real Food Reduces Plastic Chemicals in Our Bodies!

I’ve written about endocrine disrupting chemicals in food before.

supermarket food contaminated

I just ran across a nice short video from the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition, featuring Ruthann Rudel, the Director of Research at Silent Spring Institute describing the problem and how eating real food for just three days decreased the levels of BPA and phthalates in the people tested.

What we eat matters. There’s more we can do. Watch:


In 2011 “Silent Spring Institute researchers teamed up with the Breast Cancer Fund to investigate whether people’s body burdens of two hormone disrupting chemicals—bisphenol A, or BPA, and the phthalate DEHP—could be reduced by switching to a fresh food diet that avoids canned food and plastic food packaging.”

More: Silent Spring Institute‘s Food Packaging Study

 See the sidebar for many ways to find real food.

Eat Food Not Products and GMOs

Use real dishes too!

Use real dishes

Use real dishes!

Downloadable Tipsheet

6 Simple Steps to Avoid BPA and Phthalates in Food

12 responses to “Eating Real Food Reduces Plastic Chemicals in Our Bodies!

  1. Thanks for that post — the fact that eating real food actually reduces the body’s load of plastics, etc. is a really valuable piece of information. Hope you’re doing well.

    • Thanks Carolyn. How have you been?

      I’ve had a difficult 2-3 months (my liver wasn’t working well and I’ve had some serious dental infections) but I’m doing a bit better the last couple of days. Learned a couple of dietary things that are helping…

      Eating real food is important for so many reasons! And eating organic food makes the biggest difference of all!

      I have some other great resources in Food and Personal Power

      AND, I am blown away by these moms:

      Moms to EPA: Recall Monsanto’s Roundup

      • I’m glad you’re beginning to pick up. My chemical sensitivity has lessened dramatically, but now I’m flooded with inflammation. Looking at the big picture, it’s almost as though losing that “shield” of the body’s chemical vigilance opened the door to the toxins — and here they are, swamping my lower limbs. It’s a real low point, physically, from which it’s very hard to rise. Organic, fresh foods seem to be the only place to start climbing back up. That and, for the 40th time, trying to eliminate casein and gluten. Thanks for asking, and thanks so much for the extra links. I hope you continue to feel better and better. Come visit my blog sometime. :)

        • I need the reminders to visit blogs and other places in computerland … (I actually need visible reminders for almost everything, or I forget they exist)

          It sounds like you have been making some progress with your health, yay!
          And thanks for writing about the river Shannon too! We have to look after what nourishes us, not just treat the earth’s resources like things for the taking…

          Mother Earth will provide us with what we need to live if we don’t destroy her life giving qualities.

  2. I just sent this article to J, who occasionally complains about our organic food coop, just because it is extremely crowded and forces members to attend hours-long bureaucratic meetings. One four-hour meeting discussed the coop’s boycott of all Israeli products (there were four) … ultimately some members piped up that their kids missed the vegan marshmallows from Haifa and that was that.
    Anyway, he is sick of the place and I sent this to him to remind him that he does not want to eat BPA stew with phthalate sauce from our local supermarket. 😯
    Also that we are lucky to have a food coop in the first place.
    Those moms ARE amazing.

  3. I should add that the boycott made the New York Times because it did nothing to further the Mideast peace procress but only succeeded in depriving people of vegan marshmallows and some really great hummus.OK I am off topic here and will get back on. :-)

  4. Glad to hear you feel your “getting better”, that in itself (although your not “better” yet) is a great feeling when you’ve been on the “down road” for a long time :) What we feed ourselves certainly makes a big difference!
    I know it’s hard when you “can’t chew” properly and how it affects digestion and makes eating lots of fruits, veggies and salads difficult :( I process my salads and veggies now so it’s either a shake or a mushy salad but you get used to it and definately appreciate being able to consume these foods even though you can’t chew. :) Hope you can control the dental infections as these will affect your liver and digestion also.
    Great articles, it’s so uplifting to see that those who can are out there fighting for “safe food” :) wish we could too! :)

    • Eating is really something we have the most control over in our lives. We can choose to buy things and put them in our mouths and swallow, or not…

      It’s been difficult finding things I can eat with all my “challenges”… there’s no easy to this… and yes, we do appreciate what we have left, but I have also discovered it’s best not to invite anyone over (even if they are fragrance free) for dinner who can still eat relatively “normal” food as some of the things I do to be able to eat nutrient dense foods are not universally appreciated… Some day I hope to have a SS Vitamix to prepare my food with. That would make my life so much easier, giving me energy to do some of the other things I need to do that aren’t getting done.

      Dealing with compounded complications all the time requires a lot of creativity and uses up a lot of energy…

      Maybe someday the effort required and the skills learned will be appreciated more than they are now…

      I have so much appreciation and gratitude for the people who are doing and sharing research like the above, which clearly demonstrate the problems and solutions…

  5. Amazing video. It was certainly a very clear correlation between eating fresh and not. I’m so excited to have my garden in and the farmer’s market open. :D

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