“Sensitivities” in the Canadian Family Physician journal

The June 2014 edition of the Canadian Family Physician journal contains a couple of excellent articles by Dr Stephen J. Genuis. Here’s the abstract and link to one of them:

Approach to patients with unexplained multimorbidity with sensitivities


Objective To explore the underlying causation of unexplained multimorbidity with sensitivities and to discuss the management of patients who present with this perplexing condition.

Sources of information Medical and scientific literature was used from MEDLINE (PubMed), several books, toxicology and allergy journals, conference proceedings, government publications, and environmental health periodicals.

Main message Multimorbidity with sensitivities has become an increasingly common and confusing primary care dilemma. Escalating numbers of debilitated individuals are now presenting to family physicians and specialists with multisystem health complaints, including sensitivities and fatigue, with no obvious causation, a paucity of laboratory findings, and a lack of straightforward solutions. In the recent scientific literature, there is discussion of sensitivity-related illness, an immune-mediated disorder that frequently manifests with multisystem symptoms, commonly including sensitivities and fatigue.

This condition appears to be originally caused by adverse environmental exposures and toxicant bioaccumulation—an increasingly prevalent and well-documented problem in contemporary culture.

Conclusion Various toxic exposures and their bioaccumulation within the body frequently manifest as sensitivity-related illness. In clinical settings, patients with this disorder often present with otherwise unexplained multimorbidity and sensitivities. The health status of patients with this condition can be ameliorated by removing triggers (eg, scented products), optimizing biochemistry, removing further sources of toxicant exposures, and eliminating the internal dose of persistent toxicants.

To prevent disease, to relieve suffering, and to heal the sick—this is our work.

Sir William Osler

Full text: http://www.cfp.ca/content/60/6/533.full

Over the years, Stephen J. Genuis has published a number of highly informative articles about environmental effects on health. They are well worth looking into.

sensitive to pollution 4


24 responses to ““Sensitivities” in the Canadian Family Physician journal

  1. I think it is wonderful that our sensitivities are being acknowledged by the medical profession. I do not understand however — why is it perplexing that people are getting sick from being expose repeatedly and long term to toxic chemicals? If we took out the words fragrance and scent and just gave a list of the ingredients in these categories to doctors and asked would you expect people to get sick if they put petrochemicals on their bodies and breathed in the fumes daily — would they get sick? The same for things like benzene. I would be shocked if the answer was anything but yes.

  2. Thanks for the great link to this article, I’ve sent it to my doctor to help in my disability application. Although he is also Canadian he lives, has studied and obtained his titles and qualifications here in Spain so I’m sure this ‘updated’ information will be of good help to us both : )
    I won’t go into why this is not being ‘recognised’ here, I’m sure you can imagine, the government here ‘acts on other interests’, there is just too much corruption going on at all levels : (
    Always Good news anyway to hear those of the ‘medical profession’ telling the truth! ♡♡♡

    • The other article in that issue of the journal explains the “interests”

      “Despite the entertaining educational soiree with my colleagues, I wondered whether industry-sponsored medical education was the best means to keep physicians apprised of emerging scientific information. If this approach to knowledge translation and the historical pendulum from research to clinical practice continue, we can expect it will take the usual 1 to 2 generations before health practitioners are familiar with the documented pathophysiological mechanisms and restorative approach to many cases of multimorbidity. If so, countless individuals with apparently inexplicable multisystem complaints will needlessly suffer and receive an incorrect label of being psychiatrically disordered. By the end of the evening, 3 things were evident: that the pandemic of idiopathic multimorbidity was real, that health care costs were escalating, and that the share price of antidepressant manufacturers would likely continue north for years to come.”


    • Therese, did you see this?

      MADRID. SEPTEMBER 24, 2014
      Spain has officially recognized Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), including it in its International Classification of Diseases (ICD), the diagnostic tool used by the Healthcare System to classify and codify diseases. …


  3. I try to forgot the insane behavior of others.

  4. So if we can make it through this hell for 10 or 20 years more (without it really driving us mad) they might finally agree it’s not all in our heads?
    A bit like tying a weight on a ‘suspected witch’ and saying that if she drowns she wasn’t a witch but if she lived she was so they could burn her on a stake or hang her. It’s a no win situation whatever the outcome!
    That’s if we make it through another decade or two! God help us!

  5. I was listening to the Hashimoto’s Institute, which is an online presentation for people with autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s disease), and every single presenter so far mentioned environmental toxins. Some got very detailed and talked about fragrance, personal care products, and cleaning products, and some spoke more generally. Granted, these were mostly alternative doctors and nutritionists, not mainstream docs. Still, the presentation was about a very common, mainstream autoimmune illness, but 20 presenters made connections with environmental toxins. Also, I am reading a bestselling Lyme book right now, and the MD who wrote it devoted two chapters to environmental toxins. He sent some patients to Dr. Rea’s clinic in Texas. And he talked about formaldehyde in new bulding materials, heavy metals and specifically mercury causing MS symptoms and fibromyalgia, etc. He concluded the second chapter by asking if “assessing the role of toxins on our health is the next step in preventive medicine of the twenty-first century.” I think in general Lyme docs are more aware of EI, but this book is huge right now and widely read by both medical professionals and patients. I hope it will increase awareness.

    • Alt health practitioners are getting it! I spoke with a nutritionist today who reminded me that dietitians (state sanctioned) are still promoting industrial products, while nutritionists actually deal with real food, but they are not licensed…
      Mold and wireless exposures are aggravating all kinds of other health conditions now too. Almost everyone I know (online) who is mostly bed-bound has mold somewhere in their home! And wireless all over.
      What I heard recently is that wireless exposures are cumulative, so if you can’t get wired for whatever reason, turning devices off as much as possible makes a difference, and also, “distance is your friend”. Keep the charging stations, modems, routers, etc as far away from you as you can.

    • And what a tragedy that so many people have to become totally disabled by environmental pollutants before anything will change. Prevention could have been (and still would be) so much easier and better…

  6. Thank you for sharing the article. I have had success getting folks to stop using scents and fragrances by pointing out they target the prostate for cancer. Who wants their partner or themselves to have prostate cancer? Remember, endocrine disruptors in fragrances are targeting the male reproductive system much more wildly than female systems.

    • I know some fragrance chemicals are damaging sperm quality, but did not know about the prostrate, or that males were more affected. I’d love to see research links for that.

  7. Has anyone heard of using Zeolite as a safe detox method? Better still has anyone tried it? It is supposed to remove toxins, free radicals and heavy metals safely without redistributing them around and is said to be ‘safe’ for detoxing even children and the elderly and even if you still have amalgam in your mouth (most chelation or detox of heavy metals is dangerous and can not be carried out if you are very ill and until you remove your amalgam fillings).
    This ‘brand’ or trade mark is approved and registered by Health Canada, check it out here, the ‘Zeolite Pure’ in powdered form is the most economical.

    It sounds worth trying, I’ll consult my doctor, see what he thinks.
    Some of us desperately need to reduce our toxic burden to regain some health but are so severely affected with MCS that any kind of ‘conventional treatment’ is just not tolerated. Hope this could be a safe and effective alternative to other ‘conventional’ chelation methods that can be dangerous for a very compromised organism/metabolism. Sounds like something we can all do to help reduce our ‘toxic body burden’.

    At least help us to ‘unpoison ourselves’ a little meanwhile everyone else realizes that prevention is the best cure!

    Big Reiki Hug to you all, wishing you the best! ♡♡♡

    • I have seen people post about both zeolite and activated carbon capsules but haven’t seen any studies or research or much else about it.

  8. Well I’ve been reaserching quite a bit, been reading testimonials etc. and the only negative aspect I’ve come across seems to be that the amounts per bottle or dosis, as stated on the bottles, do not coincide with lab testing. That’s only for some brands, the Zeolite Pure is the purest and most reliable source it would seem and was the founder of Zeolite mining. They have mines producing clean or pure zeolite for human consumption/treatment.
    This is an interesting link on Zeolite if you would like to know more about it.
    There are also scientific articles and pub med if you look up Zeolite to remove heavy metal body burden, etc.

    and Shelly Penny a retired registered nurse has a very interesting web

    As with everything else we must be cautious of what we are taking or consuming and make sure it’s from a ‘reliable source’ and suited for our condition.
    I should add ‘and be controlled by your doctor’, but in that case our doctors would have to control everything we eat, put on ourselves, are exposed to, breathe, etc., etc., and that would be just impossible!

    Hope you find this interesting

    • I appreciate you looking into this Therese, but I felt it better to remove the links… We have to be really careful with “medical” advice”. People are free to research if they feel it might benefit them… There are so many therapies that might work for one person in 10, or 100, or 1000 etc, we never know!

  9. Sorry I didn’t mean to ‘promote’ anything or give ‘medical advice’ I only wanted to share this information and was hoping for some feedback, good or bad, as I’m desperately looking for ‘affordable’ and effective detoxification treatments to aid in the reduction of my excessive ‘total body burden’ of toxic metals causing my severe MCS. I’m not a medical doctor and can’t give ‘medical advice’.
    Environmental Control is the most effective in avoiding further exposure or intoxication but to aid our body’s systems, organs and metabolism to heal we need to reduce the ‘toxic body burden’ that is compromising the boy’s natural healing and detoxifying pathways.
    In an earlier post you mentioned your interest in supplementing glutation as treatment for MCS. This is a very good article about detoxing with coffee edemas, in the part about ‘other effects’ it mentions that the Pamitic acids in coffee act as potent enhancers of glutathione S-tranferase, which is the most important pollutant detoxifying liver-enzyme. This is also a very interesting article on coffee edemas for detox, hope you think so too. Also sounds like a safe ‘alternative’ or ‘complementary’ detox treatment. You can omit the link here too if you see fit.

    • For now, I am not up to moderating a discussion on possible treatment methods and protocols (too many exposures this summer etc). Maybe someday if I am able to put together a post about what people are doing and finding helpful, maybe then would be a good time to discuss ideas here…
      There are a lot of online support groups where people discuss these ideas and experiences, and those are more appropriate venues now. Plus you get a lot of other support :-) Safe Canary Nest and MCS America both have long lists of the various online support forums.
      Pamela Reed Gibson has done research on what people have tried and found effective.
      The link to her MCS research page is somewhere in the sidebar (I hope).
      She also wrote a book called the Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (ies?) Survival Guide, parts of which are available to read online, I think at earththrivebooks.com or something like that. Maybe that link is in the sidebar now too.
      Normally I try to add the links to things I talk about, but I think I have a bad case of link fatigue ;-)

  10. I have just realized that I had missed the post with the link to ‘Spain has officially recognised MCS’ ! : (
    Thanks, I’m going to read it right away! I don’t know how I missed this post !

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