Video: Going Fragrance-Free PSA

Here’s a good three minute PSA from Frederick Community College about going fragrance-free:

More resources:

be fragrance-free 1

Fragrance chemical pollution is as harmful as smoke, and has serious short and long term impacts on health and productivity.


Fragrance in the workplace: what managers need to know by C De Vader (2009)

Journal of Management and Marketing Research

” It took decades for the workplace to acknowledge the dangers of smoking and to recognize the deadly effects of exposure to second-hand smoke. Once acknowledged, it was a few more years before the workplace became safe for workers from the dangers of second hand smoke. This paper suggests that fragrance is following the same trajectory”…


Presentation: Fragrance-Free Workplaces For Healthy Employees

Sea Change: Chemical fragrances may prove hazardous to health
Concern grows about effects of untested and unrestricted ingredients in laundry and body products.

Expert Panel Confirms that Fragrance Ingredient Can Cause Cancer

The Addictive Power of Toxic Perfumes and Colognes

Chemical exposure a bigger threat than climate change

Prevention: Air of danger
“We’ve got to stop pouring this carcinogenic stuff out into the economy so that people don’t get cancer in the first place,”

While fragrance chemicals aren’t the only source of indoor and outdoor air pollution, they are one of the easiest ones to address and eliminate.

be fragrance-free 2

6 responses to “Video: Going Fragrance-Free PSA

  1. You are a wealth of information. Thanks, the video certainly gets the point across. I hope people are open to listening, learning and changing. :D

  2. Tweeted and Pinterested as usual! (There doesn’t seem to be a verb for putting things on Pinterest, and I’m not sure if “Pinterested” works. LOL.) Great info as always. :-)

    • Thanks! The more people who learn about this, the cleaner everyone’s air becomes :-)
      And would “pinned” work for pinterest?

  3. Reblogged this on freeandclear1 and commented:
    Must see PSA (short) about Fragrance’s harmful effects

  4. The video isn’t there anymore and I can’t find another copy. This is the link to the page it was on, maybe someone has the energy to see if the video is available elsewhere?

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