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I’ve created a Research PAGE with links and downloads to a variety of scientific offerings and resources, especially for those who want more published “proof” that MCS is “real”.

May your friends, family and medical professionals be reassured by the evidence.

15 responses to “MCS/ES Research

  1. This is a great idea, Linda!

    • Thanks!
      It’s been in the works for a long time.
      There are so many people asking what to say or do when their family or doctors “don’t believe” in MCS… sigh…
      Like believing that chemical and tobacco companies are interested in our health and well-being somehow makes more sense?

  2. Thanks Linda. All your work is much appreciated.


  3. It’s like the mother load! I just bookmarked the whole thing and moved it to the top of my MCS research tab b/c yours essentially covers it all and more. Much appreciated!

    • Thanks Mom!

      There will be some repetition and overlap in them, but I think I found some comprehensive compilations, and as they are organized in different ways, may be easier to use for different purposes too. Who knows.

      One thing I only touched upon that needs to be added eventually is all the research into Autism. There are huge similarities.

      And hopefully with so many people getting the mail order genetic testing done, more will be revealed there too. Altho that only finds what is altered, not what is causing the damage. Too little research looks into exploring what causes the damage.

      It would really be nice to move on to prevention…

  4. Thks so much again♡
    Great work! I’ve shared this page with my doctor so he can investigate himself in his own time, I’m sure he will. You have made trying to explain things much easier and now I don’t have to overflow his e- mail with all kinds of articles (I can imagine he must get overwhelmed and fed up) so it will help our relationship also if I don’t have to feel like I need to keep ‘informing’ him : )
    What can I say but your just wonderfull♡♡♡

    • Eventually more doctors will be taught these things in med school.
      Now only a handful get any training in environmental health issues, at a time when most health problems have links to our environment and how we absorb things from our environments, not really being separate from them…

  5. There is something called ongoing or continued formation, keeping updated should be a priority in all profesions, above all those that condition our health and wellbeing, and not just for students in med school but for all profesionals. This is only fair and lodgical and already exists in most professions, so why not for public health profesionals? After all what do we pay them for, to become ‘drug traffickers’ for Big Farma? How sad!!! : (
    Until there is a drug for SQM that they can profit from it seems like we will not be considered good clients so our illness and disabilities go unrecognised.

  6. Post data, the ‘recognition of MCS in Spain’ page you referred to has been seen to many sufferers to be ‘political propaganda’ (we have elections coming up) and does not recognise MCS as such but only will include it under ‘unspecified allergies’ : (
    This is not really recognition of MCS or it’s condition. We all know MCS is not an allergy and involves so much more than an ‘allergic reaction’ just as FM is not just a ‘psyciatric, reumatic or arthritic condition’, or CFS is not just a viral or bacterial condition that makes you have constant fatigue,’ yet they are recognised as illnesses, are treated as such and are officially disabilities. We are just not ‘profitable patients’ and are like a pain in the ass, always needing ‘special treatment’ : (

  7. Sorry I just realized the mistake in my previous comment, SQM is Spanish for MCS, I got it mixed up : (
    I read over my comments but that one slipped bye me. My brain seems to be thinking in Spanglish lately, I either can’t remember the english word or spanish word and they get mixed up. This memory problem at finding or searching for words is really frustrating and makes me feel stupid when I talk to people. I get stuck on a word then my mind goes ‘blank’ and I don’t even know what I was saying : (

    Great articles on this MCS/ES reasearch page ♡
    Thank God my comprehension is ok and I can at least read and keep well informed and try to ‘share’ this vital information.
    Thanks again for such a complete reasearch and reference page ♡

    • I remember a time many years ago, when my children were very young and we were living in Montreal. I was trying to speak Estonian with them at home, most of our friends were English speaking, and my son was going to daycare part time in French (and I was taking some French classes). I noticed I was thinking in three languages at the same time, and it was very confusing! (pre MCS/ES) I think I had to make a decision to think in only one language at a time.

      Many of us who do have MCS/ES and other chronic environmentally linked health problems that affect the brain, also have problems with word recall, or mix things up. I often have had to use the closest word I can come up with, and have said things without all the necessary context, so people totally misinterpret what I meant (and never ask to clarify – that is the part I really don’t understand, as I have a tendency to ask when I don’t understand something).

      I am glad your comprehension is good.

      Mine used to be, then a two sentence paragraph became too much for many years, now it’s really variable. Some days (very rarely) I can read and understand all kinds of research articles, other days a computer game of Mahjong is all I can handle.

      There is so much research that could and should be done regarding MCS/ES.

      Related areas like contamination of food and products, toxicity of electronics and other materials, third hand fragrance contamination chemical residues, etc…

      I would also love to have mobile non-toxic, low EMF/EMR neuro-psyche (I think that’s the word) testing units available that we can call up and have tests done (ability and labs) at various stages of exposures.

  8. There are wearable gadgets that will warn if your in a contaminated area and record it. Can’t think of the name just now.
    Today I was thinking about the immune system and how mcs affects it or relates to it found this others may like to read it .
    this is just one chart from the article
    TABLE 5Selected Published Data on Immune Abnormalities in Chemically Exposed Patients
    Reference Patient Group Number Abnormality
    Rea et al., 1986 Vasculitis
    Rheumatoid arthritis 70
    7 T8 decreaseda, T4/T8 increaseda
    T4% decreasedb
    T8 decreaseda, T4/T8 increasedc
    Terr, 1986 Worker’s comp.
    appeals 50 No immunological abnormality
    Broughton &
    Thrasher, 1988 Formaldehyde
    exposure 67 Antibodies to formaldehyde
    albumin Increased CD26 cells
    Levin & Byers, 1989 TCE exposure
    Industrial Chemical
    PCB exposure
    Electronic workers 25
    78 T4/T8 decreasedd
    T4/T8 decreasede
    T4/T8 decreasede
    T4/T8 decreasede
    Patterson et al, 1989 Chemically sensitive
    Dialysis patients No antibodies to formaldehyde-albumin
    Antibodies to formaldehyde-albumin
    McConnachie & Zahalsky, 1991 Chlordane/heptachlor 27 Increased CD26, decreased CD45R/T4
    Decreased Con A mitogen response
    Decreased mixed lymphocyte response

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