Food, Fragrance, and Pollution

Sometimes when words fail me, images take their place. Lately words have been failing me, so I’ve been playing with my photo program. I thought I’d share some of the results with you here. You can click on them, to enlarge them.

eating for the world

What kind of a world are you eating for?

Be Aware

Be Aware

We only have this body and this planet... There is no polluting one without polluting the other...

We only have this body and this planet…
There is no polluting one without polluting the other…


Eat Food Not Products and GMOs

child health


It s not you boy

seriously sensitive to pollution

Seems like it should be simple enough, doesn’t it?

4 responses to “Food, Fragrance, and Pollution

  1. I’m with you – only use fragrance-free products and organic non-GMO food… Sending you some healing energy and hoping you find some fresh air.

  2. So many people don’t (or can’t due to brain fog) read anymore. Sometimes a photo and a small blurb can shake someone up faster than a well written essay. Well done!

    • Thanks Nina!
      Should I admit that I sometimes find my own writing to be (a bit) too long?
      My editor goes MIA, gets lost in the fog…

      Although I think that between Sesame Street and twitter, the daily neurotoxins and wireless radiation, it’s possible that pretty well everyone’s attention spans have decreased…

      My hope is that if I can find a few short words and an image that catch my attention (and can put them together decently enough (note that I’ve had to let go of perfection here, between my brain and the free software, we’re dealing with a lot of make-do compromises, that maybe I can learn how to make more out of eventually), they might catch someone else’s eye and mind for a moment too…

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