Sometimes They Listen, Sometimes They Don’t

(This post is for us, not so much for those who’ve made it clear they can’t hear us)

There have been a lot of online arguments lately, where people just aren’t listening to each other. I know this phenomenon isn’t limited to what’s happening online either, especially when it comes to people choosing petroleum based fragrances (or other petrochemical products and materials) over family and friends, or worse, over the health of their children! (yes, it happens, and it’s happening far too often these days)


(naninanipoopoo is something my kids used to say when they wanted me to know they weren’t going to listen to me)

Then, just like the fragrance industry is doing, by creating fragrances for absolutely everything, I too  was inspired to come up with a fragrance for that:

naninani poopoo fragrance

the naninani poopoo fragrance

And just because some people have already inhaled and absorbed too much petroleum,

it seemed like some more context was in order:

naninanipoopoo fragrance for those who aren't listening

naninanipoopoo – the fragrance for those who aren’t listening

 There seems to be a market for that.

Ingredient disclosure:
A fine diffusion of soap nuts and filtered water with just a few drops of organic vodka, creating a perfect sensation of lightness and relief as the previously applied petroleum ingredients are slowly, very slowly, dissolved.
(Reapplication may be necessary)

The next “fragrance” is for those people who complain about either themselves or their children having all kinds of health problems, yet they continue to saturate their air and bodies with all kinds of fragranced products (sometimes with a plug-in in every room), even  after having it pointed out to them that there may be a connection, because smelling (a petrochemical facsimile of) “good” has become more important than health.


Get real!

Be fragrance-free. It’s good for you. It’s good for me.

Be Aware

Be Aware. Be free.

11 responses to “Sometimes They Listen, Sometimes They Don’t

  1. Roflol! Thanks, I really needed to laugh today. Can’t wait share with my best friend (another MCSer). 😁

  2. Thanks for the comic relief. Humor is often the best way to get people to listen.

    • I wondered about phrasing the opening with something like “if you are a fragrance user, don’t read this, it’s about you and we don’t want you to know what we’re thinking”, if it would make more of them read it… but I don’t remember my reverse psychology readings, and have never practiced it, although I’m thinking now it might be time for another look into it ;-)

      However, in case that never happens (since my want-to-do lists are bigger than my already time-consuming have-to-do-to live lists, and neither of them take a 24 hour day and a disabled body with brain fog more often than not into consideration), I’d be delighted to occasionally be able to put out something that can at least amuse us in this otherwise fragrance polluted world…

      So far I haven’t been able to access the comedy in all this very often …

  3. Bahahaa thank you, somedays are so tough, this really hits the mark!

  4. Brilliant! I think the “denial” is my favorite meme although both were really well done.

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