Can You Imagine A World Where…

imagine a world

Can you imagine a world where it’s unacceptable to profit from polluting people and the environment we all depend on for life?

Someone imagined it was ok to pollute for profit, it wasn’t always happening or acceptable.

What if it’s possible to live good lives while looking after the planet and each other?

For things to change, we have to imagine something different first.

Then, if we can imagine it, we can work together to make it happen!

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8 responses to “Can You Imagine A World Where…

  1. I had my appointment with the ‘holistic dentist’ and a Naturopathic doctor at the Clinic I found close bye. They both seem to be wonderfull souls, they did their best to ‘accomodate’ the clinic for my visit (they don’t usually treat patients with severe MCS/EI or TILT), they were rather wary about it but finally agteed to ‘see me’ as I explained I would just have to judge for myself whether I could tolerate the environment, etc… I was made to feel as comfortable as posible and they said they will try to do their best to help me♡ They have a holistic practice and my naturopathic doctor together with my ‘holistic dentist,’ who is also a medical doctor and… , work together to strengthen metabolism, detox, etc. throughout dental treatment and keep check on reactions, intolerances etc. I need to do a few more analysis and follow treatment to activate my detoxification pathways and alkanize first etc. So your hopes are coming true, mine too, at least in the sense that I have found these doctors who have imagined how things should be and are ‘working together’ to make the change♡ We just need to keep believing it’s going to happen and imagining what it will be like♡

    I’m ‘spreading awareness’ this way too, even if it means suffocating in my breathing mask, risking my car breaking down, being out of my ‘environmental control’ and suffering all kinds of toxic exposure just to get there, the Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity from being in offices.and of course the time it takes for me to recuperate, etc… is all worth it if at least it helps to bring about awareness and to see that there are ‘good people’ who are working together (against the main current which is not easy for them in their profession as we know) to achieve that ‘change of direction’ the world is crying out for♡
    I’ve forwarded loads of info on MCS/EI risking being too over bearing but explained that apart from being of ‘personal interest’ May is MCS Awareness month and I try to do my bit : )

    How is your recuperation from dental extracción going? I hope all is well and healing ok ♡ Hang in there ♡ BIG REIKI HUG ♡

    • A world where it is safe to receive medical and dental care in the professionals’ offices would be awesome <3

      Happy that they are willing to work with you – as they should! The changes they make for you will make things healthier for everyone!

      I am slowly recovering from having fewer infected teeth in my mouth. Three more to go (taken out at home), maybe 2 of them can be done at the same time next week.

  2. Glad to hear you’re on your way to ‘recovery’ with your dental issues♡ I’m sure this will make your overall condition so much better! We are definately on a learning journey of endurance and patience ! I’m with you, we just need more strength to endure♡ You are a BIG part of the shifting of things so keep Imagining what it should be like and spreading awareness and informing us so well because without you this probably wouldn’t be happening to me, I would be lost and doomed! See how far your spirit reaches ♡ and how you can influence things on the other side of the globe!

    Thank you Linda, be strong and patient and hope your recovery keeps getting better♡♡♡

  3. Well I have just been told by this dentist that they don’t feel that they are qualified or have enough experience with MCS patients to treat me : (
    They have refered me to a specialized clinic in Madrid that treats MCS patients and have a special ‘dental clinic’ also. I know of this clinic but I haven’t the money nor the means to travel there : (
    So my personal situation is back to what it was, I have no pension or money or way to access treatment : (
    I appreciate the work they do and still am happy to know that there are professionals that are adopting a diferent point of view towards dental treatment etc. but sad that they feel that they ‘can’t help’ me in my condition and believe that I would be ‘wasting my money and time’ by trying to treat my condition myself instead of seeing the ‘specialists’ in this clinic in Madrid. I think I may have ‘scared them off’ with all the info on MCS that I’ve sent them for awareness the last weeks : (
    Oh well, back to where I was before, feeling pretty lost and definately ‘margined’. I’ll need some time to get over yet another disapointment.

    Take care♡

    • Sadly, that is an all too common response… Instead of stepping up and giving it (you, us) their best shot, they take the lazy, cowardly (and more profitable in the short run) route.

      The dentist who came here and performed the dental extractions in my living room did have 2 years to think about it, (I could see he wasn’t comfortable with it, and my last experience with a dentist who said he was comfortable with me protecting myself, after I asked because I had had an unusual dream -which I rarely do – did not go well) and so this time I also reassured him that I would not hold him responsible for any unanticipated adverse effects, but only once I could see from his questions and planning that he was genuinely interested in doing whatever he could to help and make things as well for me as he possibly could, as I know it’s not all up to him… There are other professionals who should be involved and accessible who are not doing their jobs, and I don’t expect him to take the blame for them, when he is doing more than his share. (sorry for the rambling, I have some brain fog)

      Maybe you can call this clinic in a month or so and ask that they work with you, that they could get some advice from the other clinic, that they will have more patients like you soon enough?

  4. Thanks for reminding me that it’s not easy for any of us and that we really do need to ‘push’ things a bit for them to happen. I don’t really think that this doctor’s advice was ‘cowardly’ but I made him much more aware of the ‘special treatment’ that unfortunately we need to protect ourselves from further toxic injury and I believe this is what ‘scared him off’ but in the sense that he said he didn’t feel ‘qualified enough’ to treat me. He was very nice about it and offered to help ‘altruistically’ in any way he could♡ but he thinks that I will be ‘wasting my money’ with all the testing/analysis they do and said that in my condition he feels he must refer me to a specialist clinic for MCS in Madrid called ‘La Alborada’ that treat EI/MCS and have a special dental facility to attend MCS patients and to ‘remove amalgams safely’.
    Truthfully I would do the same thing if I had a patient/client that needed treatment that I didn’t feel capable or qualified to perform. I admire him for this as most would do whatever and take your money anyway. He did refer me to this clinic before he agreed to see me and ‘consider’ treatment depending on my ‘actual state of health’ (I told him I’m feeling noticable improvements since I’ve been taking this Zeolite) but I think the tests they did on me only proved that even though I’m ‘feeling better’ my bodily functions and/or metabolism are still very damaged by this toxic injury.
    I believe I have been ‘reabsorbing’ the heavymetals and other toxins released into my gut during the natural detoxification pathways (leaky gut) instead of excreting these so instead of detoxifying I’m ‘retoxifying’ : (
    This is probably why the Zeolite helps to relieve symptoms and crisis so well, it’s capturing the heavymetals and other toxins before they get ‘reabsorbed’ and are then excreted in the special cage it forms plus it gets into the cells as it’s ‘micronized’ where it removes heavymetals, petrochemical and all types of other VOC’s, viral, bacterial, fungal toxins even radiation and helps to alkanize♡♡♡
    Now I’m rambling on…. must say I have much less brainfog too since I’ve been using the Zeolite♡♡♡
    Sorry to go on about this but it’s really been years since I’ve had so much ‘mental clarity’ and I still am amazed. I have ‘trust issues’ as you can imagine after all these years of misdiagnoses etc…. so I don’t believe in ‘miracle remedies’ of such but I really have to tell you how much ‘better’ I feel taking this and I’m beginning to believe that it is really helping or I wouldn’t insist. Hope you can try this out too and that it could be good for you too♡♡♡

    • Things are never easy to unravel with us when we get into the details, and with us, details matter so much…

      Plus, one significant detail in one MCS/ES person’s life, could be totally insignificant or irrelevant in another’s…

      Most professionals like cookie-cutter patients, not patients where the details can change.

      I’m probably not explaining well today, I feel like I was run over by a truck in my sleep, the winds must have brought something in today. Cide season has started, and people ignore the cosmetic cide ban in this area, plus, further afield, there are farms… If anyone sprays when the wind comes this way (or if the wind comes this way days after they’ve sprayed) it can knock me out the way it shrivels up the bugs and plants…

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