Have Your Say for May by Mimi

Mimi from Ontario, Canada has this to say to us:

I wish that you could accept that this is real and that your habits make me ill.

I wish you could understand how switching to fragrance-free products is such a small act that means a world of difference to me – literally.

It means being able to have a clear mind in order to work effectively and support myself, it means being able to receive hugs, it means not suffering every day.


2 responses to “Have Your Say for May by Mimi

  1. Yes missing hugs is a BIG issue♡♡♡ all those other ‘insignificant’ bits too!
    BIG REIKI HUGS to all the Mimi’s out there♡♡♡

  2. I totally understand missing the hugs. I don’t even shake hands anymore because I don’t know what lotion or sanitizer or soap someone has used and how many toxic chemicals they might transfer to my hands. Even if one can hold their breath while hugging a person with fragrance on — it gets transferred to my clothing and then I breathe it in or have to change my clothes and detox them. Here’s a cyber hug for you and I hope there are people in your life willing to go fragrance free so that you can have a real hug today. <3

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