MCS is International

People all over the industrialized world have been developing Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Environmental Sensitivities, or Environmental Illnesses. We are exposed to so many petrochemical pollutants, in our air, water, foods, clothes, furnishings, homes, and elsewhere in daily life, substances which are now known to cause many kinds of adverse health effects, and some of us just have the epigenetic disposition to feel the effects faster and more extremely than others who may develop cancer or some other condition many years later.

Amelia Hill (aka the Amazing Amelia Hill) lives in Australia and developed very severe, or extreme MCS after not being properly diagnosed for too many years. A lack of proper diagnosis and precautionary measures usually results in a debilitating worsening of the condition, which is best addressed with avoidance of the triggering substances, and building up health in very targeted ways. This is much more difficult to do the longer one isn’t able to take the steps to avoid exposures and rebuild life with safe alternatives.

Amelia’s life is probably unlike any you have ever heard of (even mine) although there are many similarities between the experiences those of us who have severe MCS/ES share. Amelia is known as “amazing” because of the ways she handles her life.

You will see why here.

Amelia 01

Amelia’s story has been featured as the cover story in what may be South Australia’s most popular newspaper weekend magazine:

Amelia Hill is a prisoner in her bedroom — allergic to the modern world

by Petra Starke
SA Weekend

Amelia 1

The full article is available online here:

Amelia Hill is a prisoner in her bedroom — allergic to the modern world

 Thank you Amelia, for being so courageous, and sharing so much of yourself!

May all beings benefit!

To learn more about Amelia and MCS in Australia, please visit her website:

12 responses to “MCS is International

  1. Oh, this feature story was so fantastic to read. They portrayed Amelia with consideration and deep respect for her as a person, and the way she has to live her life. She truly is an amazing woman. What she’s done here is a gift to the world.

    Hugs to you🐰

  2. I updated the article link to the one they used from facebook, as I heard that the one I had used above was leading to a paid content page.

    Hopefully everyone has been able to access the article without problems.
    Apologies if it didn’t go anywhere for you.

    Please let me know if you do experience any, although it isn’t sure that there’s anything else I can do at this point.

    I will try to check occasionally over the next months to see when they release it from premium content, if it becomes available that way, and update the link if that happens.

    This was the original link

    It may be that signing up for limited free access would work. Maybe the link I shared at first was such a limited one, I have no idea. Hopefully now everyone can get there, as they rarely limit access from facebook.

  3. Hi, this link worked just now:

    Your new one took me to a paid service. I want everyone who suffers with this to read this article. I found it validating to the truth of our lives.

  4. Hi again, just clicked on all the links and found they all linked to the paid service. However, I’m able to access the article by clicking on the title of Amelia’s story at the top of this page: , however, when I ‘copy and paste’ the article’s page link (like I did into previous comment) it no longer goes to the article but the subscription service.

    I hope this is helpful to you and your readers, Linda

    Miche 🐰

  5. Hi everyone, Im having a bad day and feel safe sharing here.
    My dog is very sick and a vet is coming soon to send to off to a better place.
    A rescue group has refused to adopt to me because i am old and i dont have anyone to leave the dog to, and im poor and im disabled. Sooo hurtful.
    The libary where i was giving the talk refused to remove the Purell so after having to reactions there i couldnt give the talk and noone inthe Green party would do it for me.
    And the city and state did not do the May is toxic injury month and are not returning my calls.
    Annnnnd i have called my shrink and my ILS worker and no calls back yet….
    Ok i feel better now thank you for all you do.
    Annnd i feel crazy.

    • I’m so sorry Nancy. It’s really a challenge in every area of our lives.
      The treatment we are often subjected to IS crazy making. Prisoners are usually treated better (if the rules are followed).

      Hopefully soon, with all the research showing evidence of harm from these chemicals, the world will become less toxic and safer for everyone, not just us.

      Wishing you a speedy recovery and clean, safe air day every day, as well as safe, non-toxic friends who will help you with what you can’t manage alone <3

  6. Hope your feeling better today Nancy♡ if it helps you at all I think we all feel ‘ignored’ and very hurt at the lack of compassion and understanding. Most of us have been ‘mislead’ to believe all kinds of lies, they do their best to hide the truth from us. You are not ‘crazy’, it’s not ‘all in your head’, that’s just what they want everyone to think so they can keep on selling us all their lies. You know the truth, they don’t or don’t want to. Hang in there, these are ‘dificult times to deal with’ and I know how lonely and frustrating it can get especially when you can find no one to ‘help’.


  7. Thank you both bunches! I want to move to Canada. Atleast they act. Like Its real.

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