Scent Marketing or Scented Drugging?

The May June 2015 issue of Costco’s magazine had an article about scent marketing.

The Economist had an interesting article in 2007 regarding manipulative chemical use.

Women’s Voices For the Earth has several reports about fragrances and the fragrance industry.

Why should you be concerned? Read on:

scent marketing costco 2015 and

scent marketing manipulation

People responded even though they couldn’t detect the chemicals! These were not people with chemical “sensitivities”. These were ordinary people.

scent marketing manipulation close-up

What are all the chemicals are they targeting our brains with?

What safeguards and laws are in place to protect our brains from harm?

What is being done about adverse effects? (hint: complete denial)

Women’s Voices For the Earth’s newest  report “Unpacking the Fragrance Industry” exposes how allowing the fragrance industry to self-regulate, and establish itself as the sole authority on fragrance safety, simply does not serve the public health interest.

Read the report(s) and think about this for a while. Then, if you believe that we shouldn’t be drugged and  exposed to toxic chemicals without consent, act!

Stop buying things with undisclosed and unlabeled ingredients, stop shopping from places that scent their air, and demand an end to this practice, a practice that has serious public health implications!

7 responses to “Scent Marketing or Scented Drugging?

  1. Scents in public spaces make me sick, i exit many places as soon as i feel off balance or a headache starts. Many of my friends and co-workers are also badly affected by scented products.

    • Yet so few places are actually fragrance free – even if they don’t add fragrances for drugging marketing purposes, as some laundry products are enough to thoroughly contaminate a place (and leave 2nd and 3rd hand residues everywhere)

      I think everyone knows someone (or more than one someone) who gets headaches (and other symptoms of poisoning) from all the unregulated fragranced products now.

      The marketers love to discuss how their products evoke pleasant “feelings” but they never discuss how adverse effects are also happening, just like how prescription drugs cause adverse effects in people… (sometimes because the same petrochemicals are used in drugs as are used in fragrances).

      There’s a big mess out there now. It’s not going to be easy to clean it up, but we must, for future generations sake.

    • I agree with you all of the way

  2. Years ago I used to enjoy candles and such but none of the odors lasted. I am not sure what they use now since I became Multichemically sensitive and allergic. I am going to say some of the things that it does:
    Stay at the Hyatt Regency I had to take oral steroids for my sons wedding so I did not get all itchy and for asthma from the scent. The scent not unpleasant in smell was damaging me. Now I smell something faint in almost every store. I buy all of my clothes online and some come with odor and I have to return them. When I go out I put my clothes in a odorless plastic trash bag with baking soda to rid the smell. Baking soda helps keep the odor down and it is natural. During the holidays I stay home instead of going out. All of these chemicals have ruined my life. I say get rid of scent marketing. If you want it in your own home that is one thing but do not subject the general public.

    • Having to take drugs to survive pollution isn’t in a body’s best interest long term, sorry you had to do it, but glad you were able to stay at a hotel and made it to the wedding.

      Pumping fragrances through the air in hotels and other places has become a serious health and accessibility problem for many chemically “sensitive” people.

      Finding clothing that hasn’t absorbed 2nd and 3rd hand fragrance chemicals (on top of all the other chemicals used in textiles) is also a major challenge. We really need fragrance free supply chains, just like there are gluten and nut free supply chains now.

      One of the 1st things people with MCS/ES learn is to have a shower right away and change into clean clothes when coming home from being out, or the chemicals continue to affect us, making recovery even harder. The outside clothing can either be stored, as you do, for another use, or washed… some people have to keep indoor and outdoor clothing separate too, as the outdoor clothing could contaminate the indoor clothing with 2nd and 3rd hand fragrances.

      We really shouldn’t be forced to breathe in fragrance pollution everywhere. It’s impossible to avoid now. It’s worse that tobacco smoke ever was, there’s so much more of it.

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