Chimneys Puffing Fragranced Smoke

Did you know they add fragrance chemicals to fire-starters and logs now???

Dashing through the snow
Coughing all the way
Over fields we go
On a frosty winter’s day

No fresh air to breathe
Chimneys puffing smoke
Pine and fragranced fireplace logs
Are ruining the day

Oh…Jingle Smells Mingled Smells
Coughing all the way
It’s no fun when Christmas smells
Are toxic and so ba…ad

Jingle Smells Mingled Smells
Coughing all the way
Fragrance doesn’t need to be
A part of any day!

by Jennifer B. Jacobs

SMOKED out of house and home 2Combining carcinogens from wood-smoke with fragrance chemicals and then subjecting your neighbors to it could give them permanent breathing difficulties and/or land them in the hospital. Please be a good neighbor. Please don’t pollute!


11 responses to “Chimneys Puffing Fragranced Smoke

  1. Stephanie Hundemer

    so right, not to mention that the USA sprays forests with chemical pesticides to kill wood damaging bugs. That goes into the air we TRY to breathe when that wood is cut & burned in homes. Life is hell for us isn’t it I say this is not just bad it is sheer evil & carelessness for the health & wellbeing of us all. The fact is that everyone is effected, even to the degree of cancers & nerve damage, etc. even 20 years later.


  2. Top of my Santa list is clean air — nothing else really matters if we can’t breathe. Is there anything they aren’t adding toxic fragrances to?

    • Fragrances are being added to everything everywhere now here… if not 1st hand, then 2nd and 3rd hand…

      • I was dropping off something at a friend’s house the same time she was getting a package delivered. The guy had so much cologne on I don’t even want to think how many packages in that truck now have toxic fragrance all over them and how many homes will now be contaminated.

        • I had to turn away a package that needed a signature once because the woman delivering it had so much perfume on I had to close the door before I ended up in seizures. She was too daft to understand the sign on the door or me saying I couldn’t breathe her perfume. The package disappeared after that, the post office couldn’t find it. I was too sick to push for compensation.

  3. Why is it so “not” realised that loads of the conditions humanity is suffering from today is caused by the toxic environment that we live in. Maybe us chemically sensitive are the lucky ones as we are warned as soon as we come in contact with chemicals but others who actually do not suffer as we canaries do, are suffering from silent killers.

  4. So sorry if you are anywhere near that!!! Ugh! I love the Xmas carol though! Trying to think of others.
    “Smelly night, smelly night,
    Brain fog makes me feel not bright,
    Round yon vanilla-scented candle,
    Glade Plug-In making us feel unwell,
    We can’t have anyyyy peeaacce.
    It is all too stinkyyy”

  5. Yes, I know. My neighbors use them. I’ve taped plastic sheeting over my windows to keep it out of my apartment.

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