MCSVille: A Canary Safe Sanctuary

Guest post by Laura Canary

Since I could not sleep, I thought I would bake a gingerbread house for our Christmas party. When I still could not sleep, I got carried away and baked enough to piece together this whole gingerbread village.

MCS ES gingerbread village kit 2(image for inspirational purposes only)

But, what to call it?
Canary City? Sansparfumville? Beneficidale? Healington? MCSville? Magic Canary Sanctuary?

Welcome to our Magic Canary Sanctuary, or MCSville!

See all the houses! They are all built MCS safe, to accommodate all Canaries in need.

Heated and cooled by geothermal and solar technologies. Generously spaced out to allow those who wish to have their own organic garden, or a place for kids and pets to play & laugh, and so that each house does not impinge on a neighbour’s air space.

Differing sizes for singles and families. Canaries can buy or rent as suits their own situation. And it is all quite reasonable and affordable!

Drink it in! The air is pure and fresh. The spring runs down from the mountains bubbling up here to provide the purest water. The weather is beautiful more often than not.

All the residents here live the scent-free life. They are kind, respectful, honest, courteous, and ever so friendly!

For those who are able, the walk or ride your bike to anything, it’s not far, and quite pleasant.

The multi-denominational community church has a Canary pastor who understands and lives the MCS safe lifestyle. Parishioners are Canaries, and their MCS safe partners and families.

The little electric cars zipping around is our transit system, for those in need, to take us to and from the organic food store, the bakery, the organic clothing store, and so many other stores and services as we may need. Scent-free shopping! Whoopee!

There is a hair dresser/barber who uses only unscented shampoos and uses no chemical products.

The bakery has tasty organic delights, sugar-free, even gluten-free for those who cannot handle all their own baking.

The chefs at the organic cafe/restaurant are so creative and talented, inventing new dishes to match any dietary needs.

However, if it is something very specialised, they do ask for advance notice to ensure they will have the ingredients in fresh, and that they fully understand. There is take out, and they cater events at the rec centre, too! Mmmmmmm! Delicious!

There’s the law office. The lawyers are MCS specialists with a winning track record in all matters where legal measures must be taken. They won a huge settlement in their first MCS case, suing for their own chemical injury. Now so grateful to be living here, they share the benefits by offering very low rates to Canaries of this community.

If what you need is not available here, and needs to be ordered off the internet, this large building here is the post office/station/shipping depot to handle all that. It is manned by able bodied partners of Canaries, who are not so affected by what toxins may be coming in from the outside world.

If incoming shipments are toxic on arrival, special detox areas with added heat and increased air flow, & air filtration, can be used there, before they go to our non toxic stores. It’s also for incoming private parcels, if you prefer to have things detox before you take them home.

They also handle outgoing shipments for crafts people who send their wares off to the outside world for sale.

The ever so speedy train also carries passengers, for safe regular commutes to & from the big city for whatever might be needed from the outside world.

The city is down wind of our village, so we do not get any pollution from it.

The train is the latest technology, combining solar and wind power to run clean and quiet. There are even showers and changing rooms on it that travelers arrive at our village non-toxic, so as not to cause problems to others.

In town, the solar panels supply clean safe power to all. And they have all been set up in a way to not leak dirty electricity or create EMF fields to bother anyone. Sorry to those addicted to cell phones & crackberries. There is just no service here. No tower to give EMF problems. But, an abundance of pay phones are scattered everywhere. While you are out, just stop by and say hi in person! Nothing is far.

There is the health centre, run by Dr. Compassionate, M.D., who fully understands and believes all things MCS, as well as great knowledge and skill to handle whatever other needs arise. Pretty well everything is always covered by low cost Canary Care Health Plan. Since he is overwhelmingly rich, whatever cost there is to be paid by the patient for his services, and his staff’s, is far less than you would expect.

The dentist uses only non-toxic dentistry materials and methods, and how greatly dental issues can affect a Canary’s health. Somehow, it even happens PAIN-FREE!!! without toxic drugs!!! and again, mostly covered under the Canary Care Health Plan.

There are also complimentary practitioners providing just about any alternative therapy you might want to promote your healing!

And a compounding pharmacy/herbal & homeopathic apothecary will prepare and provide whatever is needed to suit each person’s individual sensitivities. Just about everything is also covered by the Canary Care Health Plan!

Here, in the office building, a Canary’s employer can rent a desk or an office to work out of, if you prefer the social contact of a communal office rather than tele-communicating to work from home.

Many progressive companies are offering jobs Canaries might handle, in many fields through tele-communicating from this building, or from individual homes. They contribute the infrastructure for a reliable internet connection for the entire village.

Or, entrepreneurs and professionals can start their own business, as long as it is non-toxic. Everything happening in the building is non-toxic, or set up in separately ventilated areas, so the toxins do not contaminate the other work spaces. And it is well done so it does work.

There is also employment in the many basic businesses of our community, or in the health centre, the school, or the recreational centre, as well as in basic services of the village.

For Canary children, and healthy children of Canaries, this building here is a great school for all ages, run non-toxically for everyone’s health.

This building here is the Service Station, to look after our cars and bikes.
But, no, they do not sell gas, because we Canaries do not need gas since we are using our non-polluting electric vehicles, or travelling by the train to the outside world. Oh, it is wonderful to be free of those petrochemical emissions!

The large park has an abundance of wildlife attracted by the non-polluted water and air. Nothing of the dangerous sort, though.

The birds sing so clear and joyfully. They delight in being free of the regular world’s EMF pollution! Though you may be so noise sensitive, you may find it really is a delight to just sit & listen to this natural music.

The rec centre, adjacent the park, has lots of fun & interesting things going on for those who are able, and accommodating to those of special needs. Of course, on first moving here, it may be difficult to participate, but, as we heal, we grow better able to exercise and take part in the fitness things. Me, I just love the chlorine-free swimming pool, kept clean by non-toxic methods.

They also offer courses in many interests, especially in all things healing.

And, it has both the park’s picnic area and the big indoor party room where some kind of social event is always going on. Oh, the fun, the music, and the laughter that fills the air!!!

Over the hill, beyond the park is the organic farm that provides much of our food. It is so wonderful to have the higher nutrition of locally grown produce to speed our healing!

My Christmas wish, my naive Christmas dream, if I may dare: Might somehow a place like this get baked in real life!

Perhaps we need several?

Dance Hall?
Why of course, the gingerbread village has one! It’s in the Rec Centre! That’s the 2nd story of the big domed part here, with the balcony off to the side, overlooking the park. Dances are one of our most popular social activities! Just like in the movies, there has to be the balcony to step out on for quiet, moonlit talks! Oh, the possibilities for romance!

Yes, single Canaries, we can go on dates, too!

And, there is a stage for entertainment. One of our corporate donors has donated the latest for a sound system, as well as the theatre screen for movies on movie nights.

I plan to take dance classes there once my coordination returns & the noise sensitivity settles as I heal! Wow, a place to heal!

~ Laura Canary

I think Laura’s village sounds absolutely heavenly!

What would your ideal MCS/ES safe village offer?

To get your creative juices flowing, here are a few images for inspiration, and an allergy friendly, gluten-free recipe:

gingerbread by so GREEN it hurtsFrom: so-GREEN-it-hurts

And a Veggie Lodge (original source unknown)

gingerbread veggies

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get MCS/ES safe village kits?

MCS ES gingerbread village kit 2

Free e-Booklet: Allergy-Friendly, Gluten-Free Gingerbread House
from Allergic Living

Please share, what would your ideal MCS/ES safe village be like?

6 responses to “MCSVille: A Canary Safe Sanctuary

  1. Paradise ! Thanks for that.

  2. My bags are packed. Once I get settled in — all you fellow canaries and MCS-safe partners stop over for a cup of organic tea any time. <3

  3. I like ginger tea…thanks for the dream. I’m ready to move in.

  4. If enough families share the dream, it is possible! Building the community is the first step. Let’s keep this dream alive.

  5. Brilliant … it would be compassionately vegan.

    • I have a question for vegans re things like footwear, when petroleum based (synthetic) materials cannot be used…
      Is it acceptable to use animal skins of those who have died from accidents or end of natural life? Or will vegans jump all over that too (as has been my experience a few times) and if it’s not acceptable, then what are the natural alternatives?

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