Even the Cats Say: Let Wendy Stay!


Now that I have your attention

Here’s an awesome short video you need to see:

Let’s stop Wendy from being evicted from her MCS-safe and accessible home. She’s being evicted not because she’s a bad tenant, but because of a bureaucratic technicality!!!

(Wendy is NOT a Widget)


All the details are here:
Wendy’s House

Please watch the video, follow the link, call them if you are able,  and send off an email or two (there’s even a sample you can copy here).


On facebook, show your support here: Wendy’s House (NovaScotia).

Do the twitter thing here: WendysHouseNS

and please don’t forget:


#StopTheEviction   #LetWendyLive   #LetWendyStay   #MCS   #Home

p.s. These cats care about Wendy even though she is allergic to them!

Video credit: That Chalk Girl

2 responses to “Even the Cats Say: Let Wendy Stay!

  1. Wendy has received a temporary reprieve.

    “Her daughter was told that they “are prepared to extend the vacate date to Sept 30, 2016 to allow for the transition to a new place”.

    We need to keep educating them that while this is much appreciated, it does not solve the fundamental problem that MCS safe housing does not exist, and if a person with severe MCS has not been able to find accessible housing in 3 years, then it’s unlikely to magically manifest in 2 more months.

    We are all open to miracles, so if anyone can make one happen, soon would be a good time”

    Perhaps the Nova Scotia Housing Authority could use their powers to locate an MCS-safe house for Wendy, who has severe MCS and other disabling conditions too.

    They can’t seriously expect her to be able to locate such a place when she can’t even leave home due to the disabling effects exposures have on her.
    And then, expect the landlord to enter into a subsidy agreement, when they won’t even reveal the details of the agreement in advance.

    Why don’t they just give a family such a subsidy and LET WENDY STAY?

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