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Safe Housing Survey

Do you (or will you) need safe housing?

Until the end of November 2019, Health Risk Navigation Inc. (HRNI) is conducting a much needed (yet simple) survey of the housing needs of the chemically injured in order to have quantitative data to show housing providers, communities, policy, and decision makers, funders, and other relevant parties.

This kind of data doesn’t exist currently, so even though safe housing is our core need, there are no official documents that anyone can easily point to.

More details are available on their FAQ page:

Some of you may have already done the 1st edition of this survey in June of 2019, when it originally came out. Thank you! Even though the survey now has a different format, those responses are not lost.

You don’t have to do the revised one, but it would be helpful if you could spend the 10-15 minutes to do so… just mention that you completed the original on the last page where people are asked to share any additional comments.

The questions of the initial survey and the current survey are identical, except that the current survey now has four new questions at the beginning  that seek  consent of the respondents to save and share info (largely due to EU privacy laws).

Every question also gives an explanation as to why the data is requested. Additionally, every question (except the consent questions) now gives us the choice to answer “Prefer Not To Say”.

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Françoise Gourd 1950 – 2017

Shared by Doug Atwood

In June 2017, we lost a friend and active member of our community.

Françoise Gourd


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Even the Cats Say: Let Wendy Stay!


Now that I have your attention

Here’s an awesome short video you need to see:

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The Fragrance-Free Soapy Water-Bucket Challenge!

I challenge everyone who uses any products that have fragrance or parfum listed as an ingredient  to pour a bucket of fragrance free, non-toxic soapy water over your head, to draw attention to the fact that fragrance chemicals and ingredients in everyday personal care, laundry products, and cleaning products are making people sick and disabling them, and that fragrance-free, non-toxic products are healthier for everyone.

This looks like a it was bucket full of fragrance-free soapy water!

This looks like a it was bucket full of fragrance-free soapy water!

Please donate to these two organizations that are helping people who have been injured by fragrance (and other chemicals) find medically required, safe, non-toxic housing:






Thank you for participating!

P.S. You can use WARM WATER!

“Smart” Meter Trouble In Paradise

Ok, so the s-meters aren’t smart, and this really isn’t paradise, but this IS supposed to be safer housing for people with environmental sensitivities and there’s an issue here that isn’t getting resolved and could put a third person at risk of serious health harm.

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to write this post, but it has come to my attention that a unit here is being shown to prospective tenants, when that unit should remain empty until the contents of the attached utility cabinet are moved away from the building.

The empty unit is currently unsafe for anyone to live in, never mind someone with environmental “sensitivities”.

I have to warn people, no matter how desperate you may be for chemically safer housing, please DO NOT try to live in the currently vacant bachelor unit here if you value your life! Even if it doesn’t affect you immediately, it will.

utility cabinet attached to bachelor unit wall

utility cabinet attached to bachelor unit wall

Above is the side view of the unit, the little windows on the left are above the sleeping area. A raised glass door technology cabinet divides that area from the “living room” in the front, which is on the other side of the utility cabinet. In the photo below you can see the rest of the living room window and the unit’s front door (taken on an angle from the next yard).

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Event: MCS/EI/EHS, Housing & Human Rights: Press Conference

Derek Shanks is a 38 year old Toronto based black & white street and documentary photographer.

He recently photographed Olga, a woman who has commented here on my blog at times. The photos and some of her story can be seen on his blog:

All That I Am, All That I Have

Olga also let me know about an event she is organizing for the morning of Tuesday April 16th, 11am, if any of you are in Toronto and can attend to lend support.

Event details are on facebook:

MCS/EI/EHS, Housing & Human Rights: Press Conference

Affordable, Healthy Housing Project in the Laurentians Deadline Extended

This is good news for people who are willing to give up their proximity to friends and family in order to live in a medically required healthy housing community. I’ve filled out my application. I can’t wait to live somewhere I can safely go outside again without being assaulted by chemicals from other people’s dryer vents or chimneys. The Laurentians are a beautiful place to be.

The Laurentians

From Association pour la santé environnementale du Québec – Environmental Health Association of Quebec | 6 Trianon, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Québec H9A 2H8

Affordable, healthy housing project in the Laurentians deadline extended to March 1st, 2013

Have you registered? Did you fill the NEW form and return it to us?

If you haven’t done this yet and you are interested in living in affordable, healthy housing for people suffering from environmental sensitivities (multiple chemical sensitivity and electro sensitivity), please call us immediately at (514) 683-5701.

You can find the form on our website (by clicking on the brown button ‘Affordable Housing’, which is on our Home page), fill it out, print it, sign it and mail it back to us.

If you need help filling out the form or if you don’t have a printer and/or cannot leave your home to post it, please contact us. We will help you fill the form! It is important that your form reaches us on March 1st 2013 by 5 p.m.

Did you buy your bricks?