Videos: What’s Making us Sick? The Chemical Erosion of Public Health

If you prefer getting your research information by watching and listening  instead of reading, here are a couple of video presentations by the esteemed Dr Stephen J. Genuis, who is one of the leading experts on  environmental health.

In these presentations he discusses the increases in chronic illness and mental health problems, chemical and other causes and effects,  shortcomings in our health care systems, as well as some treatment options to improve health.

I’ve also linked to related research for those of you who like to read.

videos 4 Genuis


The 1st presentation was a part of the Alberta Institute of Agrologists 11th Annual (2015)  Conference.

“Stephen Genuis, clinical professor for the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta, discusses the neglected epidemic of chronic disease in Canada and the flaws in our current health care system. He talks about the increases in many different chronic diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and autism.

He also addresses the main flaw in the way the health care system currently works: doctors assess patients, diagnose symptoms and prescribe treatment

– doctors treat the symptoms of the illness, not the illness itself.”

What’s Out there Making us Sick?

Review Article (not a transcript) by Stephen J. Genuis

What’s Out There Making Us Sick? 


“Throughout the continuum of medical and scientific history, repeated evidence has confirmed that the main etiological determinants of disease are nutritional deficiency, toxicant exposures, genetic predisposition, infectious agents, and psychological dysfunction. Contemporary conventional medicine generally operates within a genetic predestination paradigm, attributing most chronic and degenerative illness to genomic factors, while incorporating pathogens and psychological disorder in specific situations.

Toxicity and deficiency states often receive insufficient attention as common source causes of chronic disease in the developed world. Recent scientific evidence in health disciplines including molecular medicine, epigenetics, and environmental health sciences, however, reveal ineluctable evidence that deficiency and toxicity states feature prominently as common etiological determinants of contemporary ill-health.

Incorporating evidence from historical and emerging science, it is evident that a reevaluation of conventional wisdom on the current construct of disease origins should be considered and that new knowledge should receive expeditious translation into clinical strategies for disease management and health promotion.”

Full text:

More details as well as some treatment options are in this AEEM presentation

The Chemical Erosion of Public Health

A related paper:

The Chemical Erosion of Public Health

” … Autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, allergies, mental illness, and various other afflictions diminish the health and well-being of innumerable adults. Chronic illness is not only a problem in the adult domain: recent figures suggest that many chronic afflictions in children are on the rise including asthma, allergic disease, behavioral disorders and metabolic problems such as diabetes. How do these infirmities and other health problems relate to environmental and toxicological considerations?” …

Full text from ResearchGate

Approach to patients with unexplained multimorbidity with sensitivities.


“Various toxic exposures and their bioaccumulation within the body frequently manifest as sensitivity-related illness. In clinical settings, patients with this disorder often present with otherwise unexplained multimorbidity and sensitivities. The health status of patients with this condition can be ameliorated by removing triggers (eg, scented products), optimizing biochemistry, removing further sources of toxicant exposures, and eliminating the internal dose of persistent toxicants.”

Full text:

If only we all had access to to the health and environmental supports needed!

More from Stephen J Genuis

at PubMed

at ResearchGate

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