MCS Mask Challenge for Family, Friends, and You!

Here’s an easy way for everyone to show some support!

And maybe, just maybe, wearing a mask for an hour or a day will spread some understanding of  why the people who fought for smoke free policies did that instead of expecting all non-smokers to just wear masks always and everywhere.

The Mask Challenge is brought to you by

Memes For Inconvenient Disabilities

Help us make May 2017 the last time that we ever hear or read the words:

“MCS? #NeverHeardOfIt!!”

#MaskChallenge! Do it! Grow #MCSAwareness!

Watch the video and read the transcript below:

#MCSAwarenessMonth spoiler alert: it’s a 365.25 days/year affair
#May12 … yep, us too… even though you “never heard of it”

Here’s a very useful fact: Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care implemented an Environmental Health Task Force last year,
(the day before May 12th Awareness Day… that nobody knows MCS is also a part of *cough, cough cough* #TheMoreYouKnow):

CFS / ME, Fibro and MCS all fall under the umbrella term #EnvironmentalHealth or #EnvironmentalIllness
or #EnvironmentalSensitivities
or #ToxicEncephalopathy
or #ToxicantInducedLossofTolerance ( #TILT)
or #ChemicalInjury
or one of the other names for the condition (conditions within a condition? Idk I’m not a scientician)
or worse, an oversimplified diagnosis of any one of the many symptoms.

Ya, we’re working on a video about that confusing and unfortunate thing known as “inconsistent working title”. Until then, #MaskChallenge

the full video:


What The Heck is a #MaskChallenge Anyway

In support of MCS Awareness (May) we invite you to participate in #MaskChallenge

It’s simple:
1. Take a picture or video of yourself wearing a mask while you go about your daily life,
2. Share it on social media with the hashtags #MCS & #MaskChallenge,
3. Learn one fact about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (Cheat sheet #MCSfacts)

Or take it a bit farther… wear a mask in solidarity for a whole day!

* Notice how challenging it is to brush your teeth or eat a sammich.
* Notice how people stare and flinch away from you.
* Notice how it impacts your work performance, especially if you deal with the public, or coworkers.
* Notice how itchy and sweaty your face gets.
* Notice how many people have never heard of MCS, and how skeptical they are (if they even bother to ask why you’re wearing the mask – mostly it’s just gonna be stares and flinching though).
* Notice it’s a lot less messy than an #IceBucketChallenge
* Notice #MaskChallenge is a lot easier than life with MCS

Share those observations with your picture or video.

Or, if wearing a mask is too embarrassing and disruptive (insert rolled eyes here cuz “hi, welcome to our world!”) you can try this instead:

For one week: only go places you can walk or wheelchair to (because no public transportation is accessible to those with MCS and we often end up in abject poverty which means public transportation is the only option for affordable travel)

For one month: live in your car. No car? Live
on your porch and hold your breath any time you need to run inside to pee!

(because this is where many people w MCS end up when homelessness occurs due to inaccessible housing, illness and poverty colliding in the worst possible ways).

And don’t forget you have to find a new place to hide out every time you can smell a dryer vent emitting those poisonous laundry fumes!

For one year: No giving or receiving hugs. No access to healthcare, government services and many of the other things we take for granted (because #FragranceFree policies aren’t enforced, if they exist in the first place, so none of these basic amenities are available to people with MCS, many of whom are housebound because this condition is progressive)

Or y’know, just…
– wear the mask
– take a photo to share
– & learn anything about MCS (especially the desperate need for enforced fragrance-free #disabilityaccess policies).

The easy version:


You can change all your personal care, laundry, and cleaning products to ones that are fragrance-free and non-toxic, and then show us before and after pictures of all the products and why a mask is no longer needed!

To submit your photo or video, and for more resources


Memes For Inconvenient Disabilities

on  facebook here:

5 responses to “MCS Mask Challenge for Family, Friends, and You!

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  2. Thank you for writing these.

    Can we add a few more?

    Due to EMFs and telephone sound distortions, limit phone calls to landlines only, and personal calls limited to one or two minutes. When talking to business, offices, etc., ask the person to speak very, very slowly and clearly, and to be as succinct as possible.

    No television, radio, or, DVDs/videocassettes, or internet, or even reading stored things on a computer. Only listen to music or talks on CD, cassette, or LPs. And listen only to one or two songs per day, or every other day.

    Eat only organic food. Meat and dairy grass-fed. Pastured, non-soy eggs. No phytotoxins: salicylates, oxalates, goitrogens. Avoid aged meat due to amines. (See FailSafe Diet for reference.)

    When endeavoring to find what you can wear, eat, use, etc., buy three or four or more, of something, different brands. Keep one, return one or two. Keep trying to use them. Realize you can only use one all those, if you are fortunate. It is now too late to return the others. Perhaps sometime/someday, someone will come along to whom you can give the rest. If not, throw out all but one of what you so painstakingly researched, found, and bought.

    I could up this a few more levels with how shopping is, and what is required to recover. However, this shows more facets to what those with severe MCS/CI (Chemical Injury) live with, day in and day out, year after year.

    Thanks you very much for your website, and all your care for those who have been injured by the poisons polluting our everyday worlds.

    went there today to take a look last post Oct 2017

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