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Choosing Foods: It’s About More Than The Calories

Here’s a great video and link to learn about what 200 Calories of food looks like.

What you get out of those 200 Calories varies greatly.

Unless you are eating organic, you will also be eating GMOs and pesticides. Here’s a good guide to get you eating healthier

Food and Personal Power

We are what we eat

So what does this have to do with personal power?

Or health?

And whose health are we talking about?

Our health? Farmer health? Land health? Industry and economic health?

Are these the same things or are they different?

Sometimes it’s hard to know. There is so much conflicting information out there. Even when we get an idea that what we are eating isn’t the healthiest choice for us, it can be overwhelming to sift through all the information out there to figure out where to start making changes (even without any allergies or sensitivities).

Plus, those packaged foods are so convenient when we are tired…

And that is where we start to lose personal power… even when we read the labels on those packages, there is so much crucial information that does not get put on any labels.

Knowledge is power.

We are what we eat.

Alice Walker power

We can have a lot more power when we know how to eat.

Eating healthy is a lot easier when we know what the issues are, why we need to make changes, and where to start. Not all of us have had good role models in the kitchen, we might be comfortable with the status quo, and changing our habits can seem daunting. So what to do?

Where do we start when we want to make a change?

eat food

Hey, what is wrong with those products anyway?

The good people at Healthy Child Healthy World have put together an amazingly comprehensive booklet, one that introduces the issues with our current food supply, and offers easy to understand tips on what we can do to choose smart, even on a budget. Don’t get turned off if you don’t have children, this book is a valuable resource for everyone!

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