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Is This Civilization? Is This A Dream?

What is civilized about having toxic chemicals in so many everyday products and materials?

What is civilized about extracting and using fossil fuels from the earth in ways that cause harm to all living beings?

What is civilized about denying health care and safe housing to people who need it?

When I saw this image, it spoke to me…

my dream NOT

(artist unknown)

But it needed a slight revision… It wasn’t my “dream” to cut ties with civilization, it was my prescription!

So here is what I did and why:

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Suffering, Kindness and Compassion

I’ve been seeing and feeling a lot of suffering recently. Why is there so much suffering in the world? Greed, intolerance, self-importance, judgements based on ignorance, and carelessness are a few things that come to my mind. These create poverty and all kinds of other forms of destruction, destruction of self and other.

The effects are far reaching and yet with just a little effort, so much suffering can be prevented and alleviated.

How do we prevent unnecessary suffering? How do we relieve suffering?


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