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No Fun in the Sun With Summer VOCs

Imagine being shut in, without air conditioning, without being able to open the windows to refresh the air, because the outdoor air is so full of VOCs as to be totally disabling

For some of us, this is a somewhat usual occurrence anyway, due to the prevalence of toxic laundry products blowing out of dryer vents everywhere, but during summer, things can get so much worse!

The heat makes many chemicals more volatile, and where do they off-gas? Why, into the air we breathe…

Mario Rosales Ramírez "Ponle un Alto al Calentamiento Global"

Mario Rosales Ramírez
“Ponle un Alto
al Calentamiento Global”

Here are just some of the things that affect summer air quality:

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MCS/ES Symptoms and Environmental Incitants

sensitive to pollution 3

I am copying a couple of pages and charts here, of the materials most likely to cause symptoms from exposures and some of the typical symptoms people experience, as well as linking to resources.

With the increase in pipeline “accidents” and fracking, we are seeing many more people exposed to high amounts of petroleum and byproducts, which can cause MCS/ES in addition to other types of chemical injury and chronic illness.

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