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MCS/ES Symptoms and Environmental Incitants

sensitive to pollution 3

I am copying a couple of pages and charts here, of the materials most likely to cause symptoms from exposures and some of the typical symptoms people experience, as well as linking to resources.

With the increase in pipeline “accidents” and fracking, we are seeing many more people exposed to high amounts of petroleum and byproducts, which can cause MCS/ES in addition to other types of chemical injury and chronic illness.

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Video: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: How Chemical Exposures May Be Affecting Your Health

An older but still relevant documentary about MCS, featuring patients, parents, doctors and more…
“Interviews with leading physicians and people whose lives have been changed by chemical sensitivity.”
Produced and directed by Alison Johnson, with cinematography and editing by Richard Startzman. Visit http://www.alisonjohnsonmcs.com for more information and to order this film or Alison Johnson’s book Casualties of Progress: Personal Histories from the Chemically Sensitive, which contains the the stories of the people appearing in this film.