Put Away Your Devices and Look Around

put away your devices

For some of us, this (electronic social media) is all we have to ease our isolation, not because people won’t put down their wireless devices (although this is a factor for reasons not brought up in the video), but because people won’t stop buying and using products made with fragrance and other toxic chemicals.

A lot of people and sites are sharing this video (it has been viewed over 17 million times in the week since it was posted, and with good reason). Too bad there is no mention of the adverse health effects wireless radiation can cause.

What else aren’t we seeing?

6 responses to “Put Away Your Devices and Look Around

  1. I shared that too. I think there are a lot of reasons why wireless communication needs to be kept in check, radiation being one of the most important ones. I recently read The Shallows by Nicholas Carr in which he explains how the internet is changing our brains, and not for the better. It was very interesting read.

    • When I made the post, there had been about 17,100,000 views of the video according to the youtube count. By the time I went to bed, there were over 19 million! I haven’t looked today. It seems to be resonating with so many, yet the opportunity to educate people about the radiation risks was missed. To me, that is like talking about smoking without discussing health effects.

      There are definite addictive qualities also…
      and everything we do will wire up our brains in one way or another …

      I hope that those millions of viewers will reduce exposure even if they don’t understand or know about all the risks.

      • People are very resistant to the idea of wireless devices causing health problems. When I first learned about it I tried to warn everyone I knew. They did not want to hear it. It’s an addiction for sure.

        • I think it also comes from basic human goodness, they can’t believe that something harmful is allowed to be sold… And then denial sets in when they don’t want to feel gullible for having believed the industry spokespeople, their government reps, and the commercials (messages which are all highly crafted by teams of experts).

          And we, who are adversely affected, are not experts because we are not famous and driving fancy cars, or something like that.

          Somehow we have to find a way for people to feel again… to care again, to not be afraid of making mistakes and learning and living for life, not for money… and more, but I am having trouble with words…

  2. Amazing video.I rarely use my phone. People look at me weird — if I’m talking to them and my phone rings and I ignore it. They get very agitated. I tell them that is what voice mail if for.

    • :D
      It took me a while to realize I could let calls go to voice mail at home when I’m not up to talking!
      And no, I don’t pre-screen them with call-display either…

      I also no longer have a phone in the bedroom (at first I couldn’t find an offgassed one with safe EMF levels, and then I decided to stop looking and appreciate the “privacy”).

      BUT, I have become addicted to the computer… not that there’s much else I am able to do due to chemical barriers… but I’m sure there must be some things I could be doing instead… although being social is not one of them, due to the aforementioned chemical (and wireless) barriers…

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