The Wireless BabySafe Project

A great new resource has been launched to guide mothers and mothers-to-be regarding wireless radiation hazards and safety precautions that need to be taken.

“Most pregnant women understand that they should stay away from cigarette smoke, avoid alcohol and be careful about eating potentially contaminated foods of any kind. The weight of evidence clearly supports the need to protect pregnant women from wireless radiation exposures as well.”

~ Dr. Devra Davis, University of California at Berkeley

Their advice is good for all of us to heed:

ways_to_reduce_wireless_exposure 2More information (including scientific evidence and the above text) is available at

The BabySafe Project

Download their free brochure

What You Should Know About Wireless Radiation and Your Baby

For info on current regulations in Canada see

C4ST Response to Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 Myth Buster

We must take steps to protect ourselves and our families. No-one else is doing it for us!


14 responses to “The Wireless BabySafe Project

  1. Great info. There is so much more to worry about now during pregnancy. I knew to worry about prescription medication and eating whole pans of brownies when I was pregnant.

    • Now there’s wireless, toxic chemicals in almost everything, food like products full of synthetics, and few doctors with any understanding of environmental health issues…
      Yesterday? I read an article about how the gestational diabetes tests contain harmful ingredients too!!!

      All for corporate profits… Those corporate “persons” currently have so many more rights than we do… We need to change that!

  2. Great article, it’s in mom’s “instincts” to protect her pregnancy and baby, it’s just that those greedy “corporations” don’t truely care about mom & babies health, just their profits! :( The Truth be told so we can all benefit from “Informed Consent” vs “Uninformed or Misinformed Consent”!!!
    Wishes for a healthy toxic-free pregnancy and babies to all moms :)

    • I hope the addictive qualities of wireless devices aren’t too strong a pull for mothers and mothers-to-be…

  3. Uh-oh, I can only use a wireless device for much of my computing because of my RSI. I can’t handle the keyboard.

    • Are there any wired ways to connect the devices to the internet?

        • In that case, just do what you can wherever else you can (while calling up a few manufacturers to say you want a wired option)… Sometimes we don’t have all the options we should have and we have to let them know there’s a demand for safer products and materials, that convenience isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be…

          Speaking of which, a dharma teacher recently remarked that wireless devices are more addictive and harder to give up than crack :/.

  4. It’s a really dificult task to convince “young” people of the dangers of wifi and wireless devices as we have made this such an important part of their lives, in their education, social life and then work! This is the world or system that we are teaching them to survive in, most have known or experienced nothing else and don’t know or see how they can possibly live without Internet “at hand” constantly. That’s why “Informed Consent” is so important, we are all being “mislead” or “misinformed” and it will “cost us” all dearly in the end :(

    As ridiculous as it may seem to you there, I can’t get a “land-line” here :( it’s not that I live in a secluded area either, my neigbours have land-lines, they’ve just told me “they are all used up”! So I have to use a “mobile line” wireless for phones and Internet but I don’t use Wifi at home and I try to always sit outside on the P.C. or my daughter’s TAB as I seem to get less “brain fog” and can tolerate it a little longer, even so I try to keep it to a minimum. I often ask myself where I would be now if it was’nt for “internet”.
    I have learnt what I was suffering or dying from, how to recognize and avoid further exposures, how to “get better”, find doctors that can offer me some treatment, and “communicate” with others, being disabled and “isolated”, as you know first hand, is extremely dificult and can throw us into a “hazardous” situation with much “undue hardship” and no one to help us. If then we can’t even communicate we would surely go mad and die alone :(
    So at the same time that it saves us it is also harming us. Like anything else “too much is never good”.
    That’s why I appreciate so much more your generosity and concern for us all, sharing all this very important information and taking your “limited” time and “effort” to benefit others :) Bless you always Linda :)

    • Thank you Therese… I wish I could convince your utility that they must install wired connections for you! It’s a human rights abuse and violation that they have not!

      It is almost or rather probably criminal that landlines are being phased out at a time the evidence of wireless harm is growing. THEY KNOW! Those who are responsible have been informed. They choose to ignore the evidence.

      “Smart” meters are also destroying lives…

      I’m not a technical brained person so I haven’t figured out which info is best to post about them (it has to be easy enough for someone like me to understand, but without the drama – I can add my own version of that ;-) … sighs … I don’t know what it’s going to take to get through to people unless we can get a major lawsuit happening), it’s another situation that has huge ramifications for public health.

      Our supposedly safer building has increasing levels of microwaves on all the interior wiring and we haven’t been able to get the friggin s-meters removed. Everyone responsible is delaying while our health is being adversely impacted.

      I have file folders of info, but not enough brain to synthesize it…

      Where would we be without the internet? That’s a question I don’t really want to ponder… I do know though, that wired (fiber optic ?) internet and other wired devices are far more reliable than wireless, while at the same time being so much healthier for us.

      May enough people wake up sooner rather than later and take the necessary steps to make things right, before everyone’s DNA is damaged, so that at least some of our future generations can have a healthy future…

      I think I must have inhaled more mold from the garden, as I’m not feeling very hopeful at the moment… but I won’t give up trying…

  5. I know what you mean about having files of info but not having the mental stamina or faculties to assimilate it all :( but it definately helps to be well informed and is worth the “effort” :)
    What’s criminal is that the government here wants to legalize “expropriation” of roof tops by the big phone companies for their antenas! :( So the owners or community will have no say :( That’s CRIMINAL!
    It’s hard to have hope and keep on enduring all this electromagnetic radiation and toxic tresspassing as it is, on top of it if you move to what you think is a “cleaner environment” and they decide to put an antenae on your roof there will be nothing you can do about it but move again! :( That’s criminal, specially for those of us with EI, it is dangerous as the stress makes us very ill and can even be life-threatening for some. Why do they think they can just torture and poison us all? Can they sleep at night with all the harm they are causing so many? But I still have hope that at least there are quite a few who are opening their eyes and reacting, protesting, helping and understanding :) that’s most important and you are a big part of it :)
    Take good care Linda and be carefull with the mould issues!

    • We need more people who can work with each other to stop these kinds of abuses before it’s too late…
      In Israel a group of parents successfully got WiFi removed from a school recently.
      Waldorf Schools (maybe all, I haven’t read everything yet) don’t have WiFi.
      There are a few other victories, and lawsuits coming up…
      This seems insignificant, but perhaps eventually life will become more important that profits and short term convenience are now, and hopefully before it’s too late for future generations (if everyone isn’t brain dead from the neurotoxins and radiation)…
      All the advertising is so hard to ignore though…
      We need more ways to encourage people, to show it’s ok to not follow the crowd, it’s ok not to be toxic and connected 24/7… in fact, not only is it ok, it’s a lot smarter too!

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    • Thanks for sharing the resources. Precaution is especially prudent when children are concerned, although it is helpful for everyone.

      We are being subjected to too many exposures from too many different sources (often non-stop, 24/7, such as from wireless, toxic chemicals in laundry and other everyday products, processed garbage sold as food) so anything people can do to reduce exposures is going to be beneficial.

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