A Story That Needs To Be Heard: Part 1

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I invite you to take 25 minutes of your life to listen to this audio documentary.

“Short Documentary of a Life With Health Challenges”


This is a simplified, yet powerful introduction to a very complicated life.

Part 2 is 6 1/2 minutes long and will expand a little on one of the health challenges mentioned in Part 1.

I will be sharing more about this young man over the next while.

Please listen to Part 1, and then, if you wish, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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11 responses to “A Story That Needs To Be Heard: Part 1

  1. Sounds pretty familiar : ( as I also lived in the mountain/countryside before, actually in a natural park. I had lots more energy and no brain fog or cognitive issues or MCS symptoms (at least not severe enough to disable me, these came later after I had been subject to acute mercury poisoning from drilling on my amalgam fillings with no protective measures or protocol) but I did suffer more moderate to severe symptoms with pregnancy toxemias.
    This is probably what is reffered to as ‘enmasking of symptoms’ as without knowing you are maintaining ‘environmental control’. We used solar panels for hot water and occasional need for electricity so no telephone or computers either, no wires or wireless, just a motor generator to use for back-up or if there is little sunlight ( that doesn’t happen too often in Spain). We grew our own food, no pesticides etc. Those were very happy times! : )

    I think that once you have MCS to a certain degree (especially if it’s unrecognised and undiagnosed) any chemical or heavy metal exposure, viral, bacterial or parasite can be very harmfull to an already ‘compromized immune system’. In my case the hormonal imbalance in pregnancy and the extra effort invoved in all metabolic and enzymatic processes plus the mercury from my amalgams was surely the cause of the pregnancy toxemia, spontaneous abortions and endometriosis.
    So if we already have MCS even if it is ‘enmasked’ or we are unaware or it’s just well tolerated and then we get a bite and develop Lymes, or cancer or any ‘serious infection’ for that matter (probably because of an exhausted or deficient immune system) and can not tolerate medical, antibiotic or chemotherapy what happens?
    I can’t seem to even tolerate my ‘natural’ candidiasis treatment because the ‘toxic die-off’ produces too much toxicity for my metabolism to deal with causing very severe MCS symptoms : (
    That’s why I’m so desperate to find a safe and affordable detox protocol!
    If I can’t ‘remove the source’ (poisonous mercury, lead and other heavy metals) my body and it’s cells, systems, organs etc.are subject to constant damage, compromising vital metabolism (especially the CNS and immune systems) and healing processes.

    It’s only taken me about half an hour to write this and I’m getting too dizzy and foggy to go on ( started sweating too) so gotta go folks !

    Big reiki hugs to all : ) ♡♡♡

    • So sorry about all your suffering too Therese.

      If MCS/ES was properly recognized and if we had access to appropriate information and supports in the early days, almost no-one would become disabled by it.

      We were lucky to have had mostly unaffected lives for years. He was born with many health complications, so has had challenge upon challenge to contend with his entire life.

      That regulatory, medical, and government agencies all over the world find it acceptable to ignore and abandon people who are suffering with serious health issues, to not provide tools, assistance, but to actually erect so many barriers and obstacles for prevention of further health harm and disability, seems criminal to me.

      What do people pay taxes for? For corporations and their CEO’s to make more profits while everyone else suffers?

      I think not.

  2. If anyone has a genuine, heartfelt desire to understand more, and have questions, feel free to ask, and I will pass them forward and post answers here too (if and when appropriate).

    Something to keep in mind is that although a person can sound and/or look relatively normal, the brain is affected by exposures, and sometimes it’s very difficult to include context, or two thoughts can get mixed up into one, so things might not make as much sense as they should.

    Also, MCS/ES can complicate everything in so many ways, that there are no words available to describe it. And there can be so many relevant details required for something to begin to make sense to someone who hasn’t experienced them, that it’s just easier to skip the whole thing as it’s just too discombobulating.

    Part 2 explains some of that, in just one area of life.

  3. When I began to suffer all kinds of MCS and SSC symptoms I did not know what I was suffering from. I had SO MANY strange symptoms that I was embarrased to tell my doctor about them ALL for fear of seeming like a hypocondriac or a person who always thinks everything is wrong with them! So I just tried to heal myself with whatever natural remedy I could find but I was always ill with one thing or another and it seemed I was never getting better. I thought I surely must have some kind of cancer that they couldn’t detect. It was such a relief to finally learn (myself through researching) and understand what I was suffering from! If I had known earlier what I know now my life would have been so different, I would have been able to avoid reaching this ‘toxic overload’ and passing it on to my children with dear consequences for their health and future too : (

    Please don’t wait until your ‘toxic body burden’ becomes so excessive that it compromises your life, and your familiy’s. Find that heartfelt desire to understand how this is effecting us all, and every living being on our planet.
    Prevention is the best remedy!

    Pollution = toxic contamination of our planet, our environment and all living beings = adverse effects of climate changes, traditional and invisible illnesses, unnecessary suffering and death!

    When you ask what we pay taxes for I can only think of Sherwood forest and the ‘false King’ and his Sheriff’s greed for ‘taxes’ and all the suffering and misery this greed caused, until Robinhood and some rightious and brave men began to ‘fight back’ for their rights to live a decent life and not be exploited to the point of a fatal misery.
    We pay taxes to feed the ‘greed’ of those who ‘govern’ us it would seem.
    The economists say that Spain would automatically recover from this ‘crisis’ if all the corrupt politicians that have stolen all the ‘public funds’ (millions and millions of euros) were made to give it back!!! They have hidden it all in foreign accounts, property, bonds or actions. There is something like 30-50% unemployment, no workers rights, families being thrown out on the street with no income, no aid, no health coverage, no rights etc.! How can those greedy bastards sleep at night? Do they have no feelings at all? We need more Robinhood’s and a ‘Good King’ who’s interest is always in his kingdoms best intersts ♡♡♡

    Big Reiki hug! ♡♡♡

  4. My heart feels so much for our gravely affected companion♡♡♡
    I know how devasting it must be for him to have to leave his ‘safe place’ behind after all the money, effort and years it takes to achieve this. Why?because he thinks that is why/how he got Lymes? Do you think he would have been able to enjoy life so fully as he did if he hadn’t been living in his ‘safe place’? I know of many people who live in the city and have been bitten by ticks and have Lymes. So now he is exposed to both parasites and more pollution and/or toxic exposure in the city or urban living. I don’t think thats fair at all! Can he go back to his ‘safe place’ after treatment? Makes me want to cry!!! : ( I lost my ‘safe places’ too (also for health reasons and being closer to doctors, hospitals etc.) but it only served to make me more ill as I was ‘unknowingly’ dramatically increasing my ‘exposure’ to all kinds of fatal toxins : ( If only I knew then what I know now : (

    • He is looking for another place, still in a small town, not in the big city. The problem most of us face is that disability income does not provide enough to rent something away from other people, and multi-unit buildings subject us to all the fumes and emissions other tenants produce.

      CERA has written about non-toxic housing as a medical necessity, and developed Guides for Property Managers and owners, but those are not “law” outside Ontario, although can be used as great educational tools everywhere.

      I’ve posted them several times here on the blog, and have a housing “paper” with other resources at the top in a tab there

  5. I was finally able to listen to it … well, most of the first part, anyway. This is the FOURTH person I have heard about who had MCS, moved to the country to escape the pollution of the city, started to recover, and then ended up getting Lyme. Lyme can make chemical sensitivities go into overdrive. Lyme can mess up your heart, your brain, your nervous system—you name it. No one should underestimate it.
    It also sounds like he has more than one coinfection (bacteria and parasites that ticks transmit with Lyme) and needs to get some treatment soon. A lot of people can’t use antibiotics, but I know two people with both Lyme and MCS and both of them were able to do some antibiotic treatment. There are a lot of herbal treatments too. I hope he is able to find a place to live and then get into treatment. If he gets the Lyme into remission, he might be able to get back to the level he was at before.
    I think there is an LLMD in upstate NY who treats a lot of Canadians. Do you want me to post on a Lyme forum and try to get the info? A lot of Lyme docs are also enviro docs (mine is), so maybe there is someone like that for him to see. Sometimes these people are booked months in advance, so it might be worth starting to investigate now. Which U.S. state is closest to Quebec?
    I had zero allergies and chemical sensitivities before Lyme, despite having autoimmune thyroid disease almost my whole life.

    • It’s such a crazy-making situation…

      He really needs a brain injury and complex health issues literate advocate on the ground to co-ordinate things, yet no-one has this in their narrowly defined mandates as a service to provide.

      With medically necessary safe housing, his MCS/ES symptoms (which can be completely disabling on their own) can stabilize. But safer housing is more expensive and isn’t given out by prescription. So, unless a sympathetic landlord can be found who doesn’t need more than the housing allowance disability provides, there’s a serious obstacle to having this addressed… (unless someone can encourage the Quebec government to assign a housing subsidy that he could use to rent any suitable place he could find, as MCS/ES suitable places are few and far between)

      He also needs help on the ground to find and do preliminary checking of potential places before he can be sent to test them himself.

      Then, when stabilized, he can travel (if a safe ride is found) to see a LLMD (if someone will pay for it) and take the treatment protocols (again, if someone will pay for them, as most things aren’t covered by provincial health insurance). There are already people in the Lyme community who have been researching that end of things.

      I am now involved with the MCS/ES end of things, having gone through some eerily similar experiences myself, as some of my long time blog readers will know…

      As for fundraising to do all this, there are obstacles, everywhere, that we still haven’t figured out a way to resolve.

      He isn’t allowed much income or his monthly cheque is reduced. Most of us are in similar situations. Charitable orgs usually aren’t allowed to accept money for a specific person or project.

      How people with complex disabilities are expected to survive on what is given, when none of the appropriate medical needs are provided for, is beyond me, but that is the current system.

      Currently, one friend did start a Go Fund Me page to get him an appropriate air purifier (which they will pay for and have shipped when the $ is raised) as a more immediate step. Earlier today about $55 had been raised of the almost $1000 that is needed. He really needs to be breathing cleaner air.

      Someone else is in discussion with a local organization that might accept donations on his behalf, but they seem to want a big % for admin purposes, and we are dealing mostly with fundraising from people who are too ill to work themselves…

      We (there is a very small team of us) welcome ideas and people who are able to reach out and ask organizations and people to open their hearts…

      Someone to “train” organizations in Quebec as to how to accommodate the needs of people with MCS/ES, etc, would be great, as most orgs contacted have been very unsafe and have caused more harm when they’ve exposed him to their fragranced personal care and laundry products.

      We all have serious health and other issues ourselves, and live with different sleep schedules than regular “business” hours, so aren’t able to correspond effectively….

      We have been encountering the very same obstacles that were encountered when I was in crisis a few years ago (without the Lyme or lifelong co-morbid health conditions, “just” severely disabling MCS/ES, Fibromyalgia, and other undxed at the time health issues).

      We need people with open minds and know how to cut through the obstacles.

      • What a nightmare. It is the same in the U.S. — the people who need the most help have to jump through the most bureaucratic hoops to get anything, and even then help isn’t a guarantee. I thought Canada was better. Another illusion down the drain.
        Meanwhile, somewhere, another CEO buys another private jet to fly to his private island …

        • People, we the real ones, are “real”izing that the current system has been designed for corporate CEOs, not living beings…

          If more can become aware before becoming too sick to make much of a difference, then we can change things and become a caring society again.

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