Electromagnetic Fields: The Chemical Connection

“In other words, though work to reduce toxic chemical exposures can be viewed as quite distinct from efforts to address EMF exposures, both EMFs and EDCs can disrupt the critical signaling systems in the body and lead to problematic health endpoints.”

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written by Elise Miller, MEd
CHE Director

Elise Miller, MEdAs you probably remember from your high school biology class, our bodies function using electrical impulses to communicate between cells, such as telling your heart muscles to contract or signaling your brain that you just stubbed your toe. Since everything relies on these signals, any breakdown or disruption in your body’s electrical system can become a real problem.

We also know that certain toxic agents, such as endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), can alter our bodies’ hormonal messaging systems (which, by the way, uses electrical signals to communicate). When exposures to these chemicals, even in tiny amounts, happen during critical windows of development, then a wide range of health problems can result over a person’s lifetime.
So what do EDCs and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have in common? As Henry C. Lai, professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington in Seattle and an expert…

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2 responses to “Electromagnetic Fields: The Chemical Connection

  1. Yes, it’s the damage done at a cellular level by EMF, VOC’s, heavy metals, etc. that affects all cells (neurons, hormones, blood, ect.) and DNA so consequently this compromises the genetics, the entire organism and metabolism.
    Without recognising this and treating it as a ‘cellular poisoning’ and consequent death and disfunction of these, sadly we are only trying to ‘enmasque’ the result or symptoms (with drugs or environmental control).

  2. When Hippocrates stated this universal truth 2500 years ago;

    “All diseases are crisis of purification, of toxic elimination” ,

    he could never have imagined in his worst nightmares how our bodies would become challenged by toxins to such an extent, on a daily basis, as they have become today.

    “And we have made of ourselves living cesspools, and driven doctors to invent names for our diseases” – Plato

    This would also be updated to “And they have made of us……” taking into consideration the degree of toxic contamination we are exposed to daily, unknowingly and unwillingly.

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