A Story That Needs To Be Heard: Part 2

Noise Sensitivity and “Frequency Effects”

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The following sound-video is 6 1/2 minutes long and adds some detail to one of the health challenges described in

A Story That Needs To Be Heard: Part 1

(please listen to Part 1 first, if you can)

Here is Part 2

Noise Sensitivity and “Frequency Effects”

How would you cope if this was you?

What if you weren’t able to use the phone or communicate by email for more than a few moments a day?

What if you need help to look after your own basic needs?

What if there wasn’t someone who could help you communicate your needs?

Where would you live? How would you pay for it when you can’t work?

Where would you turn to for practical assistance when DIY is no longer enough?

More information on EHS and health problems related to EMFs and wireless radiation:

Electrosensitivity (ES or EHS)


Teaching Doctors About the Health Effects of Wireless Technology

A young, man urgently needs an on the ground advocate with an understanding of brain injuries and complex, chronic health conditions as well as the systemic barriers and obstacles to meeting the needs of people who aren’t wealthy.

He needs safe, medically required housing, an air purifier to be able to breathe properly where he is now, access to appropriate MCS/ES safe health care for broken bones, Lyme disease, etc (described in Part 1), community based MCS/ES safe support with shopping so his broken feet could heal, other treatments, foods, and filtered or spring water that are so crucial to his well-being, and assistance with so much more, that years of systemic neglect and bad luck have compounded. He is suffering in ways very few living people can imagine.

If anyone has appropriate health care or affordable MCS-safe housing connections in Quebec, please get in touch.

6 responses to “A Story That Needs To Be Heard: Part 2

  1. I forgot to add a note he sent me later, saying:

    “the freququency was an example, the real number is different
    it differs from lower range to mid to high etc
    its from distortion too”

    Keeping track of details, and context, can be really difficult when someone is in a constant state of MCS exposures like he has been in lately. The cumulative effects of a trip he recently took in an effort to receive health care, and the break in he returned home to, contamination from that, smoke getting in from the neighbors all the time, toxic but incomplete repairs… all make it very hard to focus and get thoughts out coherently.

    And communicating to another person with brain fog and resulting confusion makes it all the more challenging!

    Anyway, it gives us another glimpse now. Hopefully someday he will be well enough to share more details..

  2. I wish I could win a lottery prize and create an emergency fund for those of us suffering because we can’t afford the bascic necessities like air filters, water filters, safe clothing, food, housing etc. that are vital to maintain a basic ‘environmental control’ so we have the energy to at least ‘care for ourselves’ !!!

    What does it say for the society we live in if it is said that a society is judged by how they care for their sick and elderly or disabled?

    Those who have nothing or very little, our brothers in suffering, are the ones who have compassion. Those who have not an idea of this suffering have no compassion. Their minds and hearts have been taken over by GREED, they are too ‘self-centred’ to understand that they have chosen ‘personal gain’ over LOVE : (

    Maybe you could start a petition on Change.org or something similar?

    Big Reiki Hugs and my prayers that this can happen!!

    God bless you all ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    • Thank you! So many of us wish the same…

      I can’t even get out to by lottery tickets, I need to find another way…

  3. When I manage to get to the supermarket I usually buy a lottery ticket from a disabled friend who sits there in his wheelchair selling tickets. It’s a national lottery to support the disabled (used to be for the blind but they changed it recently to disabled) where the disabled can work selling tickets and after taxation the profits go to this organization to support the disabled.
    Hopefully MCS will one day be oficially recognised as a disability too! ♡

    • The first thought that popped into my head was rather cynical:
      right now we seem to have a bit of a lottery system as to who is allowed to live in dignity, with support for health care etc… and who is abandoned by the system…
      And how much radiation, toxic chemicals, polluted air, water and food we can be subjected to before everyone’s health tanks…

      It’s not a very nice game…

      We have to find ways to respect all lives as being valuable, and to ensure everyone has access to care (instead of only the corporations getting taxpayer support while they subject us to unhealthy activities)

  4. Amen♡♡♡

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