Wanted: Whack-A-Toxic Game Maker

Some of us find online computer games to be a good way to keep our brains from atrophying when we are disabled by all the toxic chemicals allowed to be used in everyday products and materials.

Here’s a game idea that we’d like developed:


It would have to have an adjustable, variable speed (some of our brains are very slow), as well as an on-off switch for sounds (some of us are also sound “sensitive” when our CNS has been fried from exposures).

The products that pop up can be virtually all regular laundry, cleaning, and personal care products, pesticides, new clothing, shoes, furniture, new electronics, most plastics, in fact, almost anything new. Toxic, health-harming petrochemicals are everywhere now!

The game could be turned into an educational tool too (instead of just a therapeutic tool) by including hyperlinks that inform what the known and suspected to-be-harmful and still-questionable chemicals are in each product, and what health effects they can cause! Scoring could be based on whacking (eliminating) the most toxic products first!

Can someone please make us this game?

In the meantime, here’s an existing way to be active in learning and changing the toxic world we currently live in to a safer one:

 Mind the Store


2 responses to “Wanted: Whack-A-Toxic Game Maker

  1. Love this Linda! There’s a serious side to it all but this still made me laugh.

    • It started some months ago with me feeling just like the poor mole, being whacked by all these toxic products and materials…

      I’m still getting whacked by everyday stuff…

      The new computer, (2) new mice, and (2) new keyboards are all still so toxic, even after weeks of airing for the mice and keys, and hours running the newputer with 2 windows open and a box fan running …

      Toxic tech and electronics really suck and whack… and we don’t seem to have safe alternatives to those now, whereas there are safe alternatives for laundry, personal care, and cleaning products, some clothing, food storage and prep, building materials, etc… For some reason, tech stuff and the plastics they are made with have become much worse…

      So, whack-a-toxic was conceived… If so many things weren’t all so toxic… we wouldn’t be getting so disablingly whacked…

      Payback time!

      Grab a mallet! Get a toxic product off the planet!

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