Wired Connection for iPads

Guest post by Beau Binder

LOW EMF/RF Wired Network Configuration of iPad Tested Successfully

Some interesting — and hopefully also good — news.

I just had success with connecting an iPad via wired Ethernet to the Internet and enjoying the additional freedom this configuration offers. iPads can offer a low-cost, low EMF/RF alternative for standard computers when used in this way.

NOTE: This is not a promotion of any products or services from any entity. It is just a report on something that may be of use to some in the EHS community.

using iPad with wired access

Typically, present-day iPads are forced to use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect to the Internet. But with this setup, one can have all wireless services disabled and still access the Internet via a wired Ethernet network.

The configuration was inspired by this Total EMF Solutions video and Tom VanOuse’s reminder that this was a possible iPad use case. Many thanks to both!

Watch the video to see how to put it all together.


-=|||| Component Details ||||=-

iPad Air (16GB capacity, $399 new from Apple).

AmazonBasics 7 port USB 2.0 hub ($15.79 from Amazon).

Lightning to USB Camera Adapter ($29 from Apple).

USB to Ethernet Adapter ($29 from Apple).

Total cost for items above: 472.79 USD

-=|||| Supplements ||||=-

I use a non-powered stylus to provide better distance from the iPad instead of using my fingers to touch it.

I’m partial to this Wacom stylus:
http://tinyurl.com/ipad-no-pwr-stylus ($19.99 from Best Buy).


NOTE: This is not a promotion of any products or services from any entity. It is just a report on something that may be of use to some in the EHS community.

DISCLAIMER: I provide no guarantee this will work for you. I took the chance to see if what was being touted by the video presentation above was accurate and discovered it was. For those who try it, I hope you have the success I have had.


3 responses to “Wired Connection for iPads

  1. Maybe there are some forward thinking tech manufacturers who can make a single piece adapter that is also non-toxic / no VOC, so that all the e-readers and small devices can be used like this?
    There’s a growing market (and need) for this kind of stuff!

  2. UPDATE: This configuration has now been successfully tested with an iPad 2 (an older generation iPad) which has a 30-pin interface instead of the Lightning port current iPads are built with.

    The only difference in hardware to provide the connection is a 30-pin to female USB adapter, such as this GooDGo offering (http://tinyurl.com/30pin-to-usb-adptr) in place of the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. (The cable from GooDGo is 8.12 USD from Amazon.)

  3. Here are more instructions that could be helpful:

    How to setup a Wired internet tablet with wired keyboard and mouse?

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