What Do You Think About Accommodating Someone With MCS/ES or Allergies?

Some people think they have the right to do whatever they want, regardless of how it affects anyone else around them. Sometimes what they do is from ignorance (not knowing or understanding causes and effects), sometimes it’s a deliberately hurtful, even criminal action. Either way, what they do causes all kinds of suffering that is fully preventable.

Here are a few images you can think about and share if they “speak” to you:

telling 1

telling 3


telling 1a


thinking as if drugged


stairs fragrancepeanut fragrance 2gluten fragrance



Single page with these three:




thinking right to rape

The effects are that intimate!


Environmental sensitivities (including electrical, wireless, and multiple chemical sensitivities) are  recognized as a disability or functional impairment in many jurisdictions around the world. That means there’s a “duty to accommodate” by making environments accessible.

Making environments (products and services) accessible for people with MCS/ES benefits everyone, as exposure to toxic chemicals and wireless radiation is not healthy for anyone.

Wireless devices are being made and used in ways that independent scientists say are harmful to our lives, not just to those who have disabling ES or EHS.

Fragrances contain chemicals that can harm everyone, not just those who are “sensitive”.

Continuing to use products that are harming yourself and others is a sign of addiction.

Products that are harmful and addictive should be properly regulated and labeled, and people should be educated about all the ingredients and effects (known as well as probable).

In the absence of policies, laws, and regulations that would protect everyone, we can be kind and we can protect each other.  It’s always possible to be kind.

If we can all be kinder to and more considerate of each other, as breathing, living beings,  instead of blindly purchasing and using products from corporations whose sole purpose is to make as much profit as they can, who manufacture and sell products that harm us and the environment we all depend on for life, for now and for future generations, we will all feel better, we truly will.

How could we knowingly hurt anyone, especially someone we care about?

9 responses to “What Do You Think About Accommodating Someone With MCS/ES or Allergies?

  1. I so agree with all of the above.

  2. It is very telling and unfortunate that the UN thinks that internet access should be a human right; but not the right to breathe clean air!

  3. This is excellent and good to learn from these examples how to respond when we hear these comments. I don’t like the analogy to rape at the very end, however, for using this language can undercut how we are perceived by the public. I hope you will change that word to something else, or we won’t be taken seriously, even though I agree in concept.

    • Thanks Julie.

      Fragrance allergies and sensitivities are different for people, and MCS is a spectrum too. As I and others who are on the severe end of the spectrum can have really seriously disabling (and life threatening) effects from some exposures, and the treatment we get from the system and others is often abominable (for lack of a better word right now, but perhaps I will also include sexist and dismissive – how many fragrance-free policies do you know of that are actually enforced?) there IS a violation of our deepest inner being, body, ability, and trust – especially when someone else chooses to use something that they have been told harms our ability to think or function… to me, that is the same as rape. And it happens repeatedly, over and over and over again in this society.

      So maybe for people who get a headache or symptoms that clear up in hours, rape is too strong a word, but for others, it really isn’t.

      I am looking for help on how to put the whole analogy discussion into better words, as I don’t have the language skills right now, but I feel very strongly that for some of us anyway, it is a perfect analogy. There’s another one in the making that is a bit less intense, physical assault instead of sexual or intimate assault, like being hit over the head with a 2 by 4, or being choked and having a “protective throat closure“ event (as an allergist was quoted as saying in the post about flying), as there are similarities between being choked and not being able to breathe, don’t you think? Especially when done deliberately? As was just recently in the media?

      As long as “sensitivities” (or allergies, or any other adverse health effects) are trivialized, we continue to be subjected to toxic chemicals (and other harm) that are threatening our lives and polluting the planet we all depend on for life. Just so that a few corporations and industries can profit. I take that violation seriously!

  4. “Perfume. The Story of a Murderer” Film 2006 Dustin Hoffman “The terrific, if creepy, novel “Perfume” by Patrick Suskind shows us scent-manipulation Hell, in which a serial killer with a genius for making perfumes devises a scent that makes everyone trust and adore him” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfume:_The_Story_of_a_Murderer_%28film%29
    Movie trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zutiIw_2e2g
    The movie poster is a silhouette of a woman dissolving into rose petals.
    How Ironic! Art imitates life!

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