Update: Wendy is NOT a Widget and She Shouldn’t be Treated Like One

The bureaucrats expect Wendy to leave the only safe and accessible home Wendy has access to, the sherriffs could be there any day, and there is still no other safe and accessible place for Wendy to move to!

In a kind and sane society, disabled people would be treated with respect and dignity, and safe and accessible housing would not be taken from them when there is no place else to go to.

We need to treat people with invisible, inconvenient disabilities better!

Wendy has a safe-for-her-home, the ONLY place she can now be and remain functional, but the bureaucrats only see that it is a 3 bedroom home and not the 2 bedroom home her doctors have said she (at minimum) needs.

She cannot go to the mall, to the hospital, to a library, or to an apartment where people smoke, use fragrances, pesticides, or have dryer vents spewing toxic laundry products her way.

The only kind, humane, and sane solution is that she should be allowed to remain where she is, until the province has built MCS/ES accessible housing that is safe for her to move to…

2016 W.K. 1

UPDATE May 3rd:

According to this CBC interview, the housing authority has extended Wendy’s stay until the end of July, although a week or so ago they had told Wendy that she only had until April 30th, and they have not informed Wendy or her lawyer about this news (she learned via the CBC).

Hers is the 1st interview: http://www.cbc.ca/maritimenoon/2016/05/03/chemical-sensitivity-eviction-pot-pardons-your-thoughts/

∴ Wendy is NOT a widget. Widgets can go anywhere. Wendy can’t. “Widget” is used in texts and speech, especially in the context of accounting, to indicate a hypothetical “any…

Source: Wendy is NOT a Widget and She Shouldn’t be Treated Like One

6 responses to “Update: Wendy is NOT a Widget and She Shouldn’t be Treated Like One

  1. Irene Carlson

    Send any new info and supports in Canada.

  2. The CBC interviewed Wendy and contacted the Housing Authority who issued a surprise announcement saying that Wendy won’t be evicted before the end of July:
    “A Nova Scotia woman with severe chemical sensitivities says she won’t leave her home, even though she’s been evicted by Community Services. Her public housing unit is three bedrooms, and Community Services says they need the unit for larger families.”

  3. Wendy now has until the end of July!
    We need to ensure that she can stay there until there is another medically safe, appropriate, and accessible unit for her.

    Woman with chemical sensitivities gets short reprieve from scent-free home eviction

    New Glasgow woman with chemical sensitivities fights public housing eviction
    Authority says 65-year-old is ‘over-housed’ but delays eviction until July so new home can be found


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