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Wireless Magic Music Video

Wireless isn't Magic 2Wireless Isn’t Magic!

Here’s a really catchy new educational song about wireless radiation,  via the ElectricSense youtube channel.

I wish I knew who “Disco Star Power” was, and where to find what else they have done, but a search did not reveal those secrets.

It reminds me of some old Brazilian psychedelic pop I used to enjoy, simple melody and music, and the singer has a beautiful soft voice.

Have a listen, and maybe learn something new too!

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A Story That Needs To Be Heard: Part 2

Noise Sensitivity and “Frequency Effects”

beachy 1

The following sound-video is 6 1/2 minutes long and adds some detail to one of the health challenges described in

A Story That Needs To Be Heard: Part 1

(please listen to Part 1 first, if you can)

Here is Part 2

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Allergy or Sensitivity?

place setting

Foods, chemicals, and other substances can cause disturbing, disabling, or even        life threatening symptoms.

Something to consider when trying to determine if you have allergies or sensitivities to foods is whether or not they are organic, conventional, or GMOs. Also, as a couple of recent studies revealed, many foods are chemically contaminated with BPA and phthalates (and probably other chemicals that weren’t tested for), so if a person also has chemical “sensitivities”, getting to the bottom of what is causing any number of symptoms can be challenging, especially with the delayed symptoms that are becoming so common these days.

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