Sandra Steingraber and Toxic Trespass on Bill Moyers: Video

For anyone interested in environmental health and the health of children, Sandra Steingraber is an inspiration and wealth of information. She has written several books and many articles. Her first book, Living Downstream, was turned into a feature film.

Biologist, mother and activist Sandra Steingraber discusses her fight against fracking and toxins contaminating our air, water and food.

Steingraber returns often to the concept of “toxic trespass” — which “means that chemicals without our consent enter our body sometimes because we inhale them”

Here she is in an interview with Bill Moyers, (you can watch it here or go to his website) and the link to her website is below, where you can access many of those articles and order her books.

The Toxic Assault on Our Children


Sandra Steingraber’s  War on Toxic Trespassers

Full transcript

(photo: Dale Robbins)

Sandra Steingraber’s website:

Many of her excellent articles are available there, like these from Orion magazine:


It’s hard to choose favorites, I love them all, but here are a couple:


Household Tips from Warrior Mom!

On the desire to change lightbulbs instead of paradigms


and perhaps this:

Despair Not  

We must confront ‘well-informed futility syndrome’ to overcome our fossil fuel addiction.

8 responses to “Sandra Steingraber and Toxic Trespass on Bill Moyers: Video

  1. Writing From Jail on Earth Day
    April 22, 2013
    by Sandra Steingraber

  2. Environmentalist Sandra Steingraber in jail for fracking protest: Porter
    After years of protesting fracking through words, Biologist and poet Sandra Steingraber used civil disobedience. Now she’s in jail…

  3. This is why I love Sandra, she tells it like it is:

    … “The fundamental message of Raising Elijah is that the environmental crisis is a crisis of family life, as it robs parents of our ability to carry out our two most basic duties: to protect our children from harm and to provide for their future.

    When inherently toxic chemicals—including developmental toxicants linked to asthma, birth defects and learning disabilities—are legally allowed to freely circulate in our children’s environment, we can’t protect them.

    When heat trapping greenhouse gases create extreme weather events that slash the world’s grain harvests (this is happening) and acidify the oceans in ways that threaten the entire marine food chain, starting with plankton (and this is happening too), then we can’t plan for our kids’ futures—no matter how much we sock away in their college funds or Tiger Mom them into athletic or musical mastery.”…

    Read the rest of her new piece posted on Orion

  4. Here’s a quote I recently read & took note of before watching the video…”I am not a victim only a traveller on a hero’s journey!!”
    Bravo Sandra & Bravo Linda for inspiring/educating us!
    Let’s never forget our “Divine Heritage”, “Missions” & the “Legacies” we leave – Here’s a “mediumistic message I also received while pondering the situation where I’m living: “Think about “The Collective” & how my work contributes to greater humanity!”
    Thanks Linda!

    • Thanks Marilyn.
      Even if we can’t do what Sandra and others are doing now, by putting our bodies on the line for future generations (or maybe we with MCS/ES have already been doing this in another way?) whatever we do, we can try to do it without harming anyone else… and if we can bring a little light, a little joy, or a little information that helps someone make a safer, healthier decision, then so much the better!

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